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Game Description

Introducing a simulation game on a global scale! SimEarth lets you take charge of all your own living planet from its birth until its destruction, 10 billion years later. Control one of 8 planets (such as Mars or Venus) or create a new randomly generated world. Take charge of evolution and decide which will be the first civilized species: dinosaurs, fish or... Control volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves. Create forests, swamps, and jungles. Move mountains, destroy continents. Adjust the atmosphere and rainfall to make deserts or rainforests. Maps, graphs, and special close-up features give you detailed information about your world's progress. The whole world is on your hands!       

Game Information

    Title:SimEarth: The Living Planet
    Publisher: FCI
    Developer: Maxis Software Inc.
    Genre: Simulator
    Release Date: February 1993
    Strategy Guides:

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