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Game Description

Meet the hottest new game of chicken!

Listen up! My name is Alfred Chicken and... I need your help! The evil Meka Chickens have kidnapped my egg friends and plan to clone them into their vile Meka Chicken Army. A thing like this can really ruffle a guy's feathers.

Now it's up to me to rescue them and thwart the radical Meka Chicken's plot for World Domination (what else?). All right, maybe I'm not some muscle-bound man in tights but I'm no chicken joke either. Join me on my journey through twenty-one menacing stages filled with outrageous obstacles. Visit far-out places and grapple with over one hundred feisty foes like the explosive Jack-in-a-Bomb and the Grim Blocker who just don't appreciate fine feathered friends like us. Along the way, you'll experience wacky graphics that will blow your beak away, the hippest music and sound effects around, and enough surprises to keep you crowing for more. You'll have more fun than a rooster in a hen house!

So muster up all your courage and let's get crackin'. My feathers are in a flurry 'cause nobody wreaks havoc in my backyard!  

Game Information

    Title:Super Alfred Chicken
    Publisher: Mindscape
    Developer: Twilight
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: February 1994
    Strategy Guides:

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