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You're Putty, the toughest ball of blue goo the galaxy has ever seen! To keep your pliable pals from turning into chewing gum, you'll have to bounce, bash, smash and stretch yourself through the weirdest, wildest cartoon universe ever! Keep a blue eye open for the dastardly Dazzledaze and Dweezle. They're the nastiest nightmares a blobby ever had! 

Six loony levels in 20 twisted worlds!

Over 40 disgusting foes in every gross shape and size!

Wild music, wacky sound effects and deranged digitized voices!

8 megabits of gooey, non-stop action! 

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Game Information

    Title:Super Putty
    Publisher: U.S. Gold
    Developer: System 3
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: November 1993
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