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With so much firepower at your fingertips, you're expected to win, right? Wrong! Even with a super beam, smart bombs and power line super weapons at your disposal, your enemies will see that you face the ultimate in terror!

Super Turrican is one of the finest Action/Adventure games you'll ever see, feel, play or hear! That's right, hear! With full-feature Dolby Surround Sound, if the incredible graphics don't toast you the sound alone is enough to turn your brain into a crispy critter.

Try and survive 13 levels of the most unusual worlds ever seen. Over 1000 screens. High-tech weaponry. Brilliant special effects, 3-D graphics and exhilarating gameplay! 

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Game Information

    Title:Super Turrican
    Publisher: Seika
    Developer: Factor 5 GmbH
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: May 1993
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