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Galactic Pinball is a 1995 pinball video game, best known for its Space Harrier-esque tagline that comes at the end of the intro: "Welcome to the space world. Let's go!", as well as a hidden Metroid themed bonus stage.

Galactic Pinball has a thin plot that is referred to in the games introduction. In the year 2100, somewhere in Milky Way galaxy a new world has been discovered called the space world. It is the mission of the player to explore this new world. Each pinball table in the game is representative of a different part of the players mission, and use board elements to represent things that are encountered while exploring the space world.

Galactic Pinball is based on the rules of pinball and players user flippers to control a ball and keep it in-bounds. It is a relatively simple pinball game, containing only five tables on which players play for a high score. Each table simulates a real pinball table, and has its own space related name and theme, as well as distinguishing elements and targets that score points when hit.

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Game Information

    Title:Galactic Pinball
    System: Virtual Boy
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Intelligent Systems
    Genre: N/A
    Release Date: August 14, 1995
    Strategy Guides:

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