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Game Description

Waterworld is an action game published for the Virtual Boy by Ocean. The game received widespread negative reviews and is generally considered to be the worst game of its 22 releases.

The game is focused around the Mariner's (the main character) trimaran, which the player moves around a 3-D world, shooting enemies on personal water crafts called Smokers. It is a form of 3D shoot 'em up, similar to that of the All-Range Mode in Star Fox 64.

The objective is to keep the Smokers from grabbing Atollers (inhabitants of Atoll) placed around the playing field. To keep them from being captured, the player must shoot the Smokers using the L and R buttons on the Virtual Boy's controller while moving around with either of the two directional pads.

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Game Information

    System: Virtual Boy
    Publisher: Ocean Software
    Developer: Ocean of America
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: November 21, 1995
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