Part 1 (Welcome)

Welcome to Part 1 of becoming a Retromags Team Member! First off I would like to thank you for taking an interest in helping out our project. The Retromags website relies on members to step forward and help us achieve our goals. We are always looking for people to lend a hand and hope that these guides will give you the necessary information to join our team. In this section I will go over a few basics that you should know before you start scanning a magazine.


What to scan? Well that is up to you! You could choose any number of ways....

  • Your oldest magazine
  • Your rarest magazine
  • Your favorite magazine

In the end it really is in your hands, but Retromags does have a few ground rules...

  • No magazines past December 31st 1999
  • Please scan the entire magazine
  • Share with everyone
  • Submissions must have the Retromags "Thank You" Page
  • Submissions are forever

Rules Explained

Why no magazines past 1999?

This project operates in a very gray area of the law, legally we have no right to digitalize these magazines. We try our best to show the publishers of these magazines that we mean them no harm and that this is a fan site. From the very beginning of this sites creation we have had a cut off date. This cut off use to be 5 years from the current date, as of January 2009 we changed the cut off to December 31st 1999 to further reinforce this. If you are looking for post 1999 magazines I suggest eBay.

Why scan the entire magazine?

We request that members who wish to h

Why share with everyone?

Why include the "Thank You" page?

What is Submissions are Forever?