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  4. Issues 1-1400 of Famitsu! ONLY $25,250!

    Bwahahaha. Sorry to resurrect an ancient thread, but I just noticed that this same exact auction is still being listed 2 years later (well, it's been updated from issues 1-1400 to issues 1-1500.) It's still going for 3 million yen, but thanks to the yen becoming stronger, that now equates to $27,090 instead of $25,250. Oh well, at least now you're getting 100 extra issues, right? And hey, the shipping is FREE!
  5. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    CapBon and Dengeki GB Advance galleries complete and added to the DB. That's one title that was on my list and one that wasn't, so the list stands at 110 titles left to add (I'm positive it will be more, though.) In related news, browsing Yahoo Auctions in search of additional titles to add to the list is treading dangerous waters. Will not buy more mags [slaps face] NO MORE MAGS!
  6. Dengeki GB Advance Issue 8

    FINAL ISSUE (becomes Dengeki Gamecube)
  7. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Also available today is PC Gamer (UK) issue 31
  8. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 85 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  9. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Sorry for the late reply - been dealing with the most violent case of food poisoning I've ever had (I'm ok, though - almost recovered! ^_^) so I've been a bit out of it. ANyways, glad I could help out! ^_^ (and to think I was just 24 hours away from chucking them into the recycling bin! ;P)
  10. kitsunebi77's random stuff

    Just increased it 4x to 2048kb, let me know if that is enough
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