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  2. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    marktrade acquired a lot of mags from you Phillyman? If so, those items should be available here and not just over at anyway. Are you after the actual links to the magazine issues themselves or the individual pages the magazines are listed on over at KW?
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  4. New Image: Dengeki Sega Saturn Vol.17 (March 20, 1998)

  5. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Yeah, I just went on Yahoo auctions and did a search for Famitsu. This is literally the entire first page of listings: 20 issues from 1990: $10 All issues from 1992 (49 issues): $10 43 issues from 2000: $10 37 issues from 1995: $10 34 issues from 2001: $10 all but 1 issue from 2002 (48): $10 all but 2 issues from 1996 (46): $10 All issues from 1998 (49): $10 All but one from 1999 (48): $10 24 issues from 1994: $10 38 issues from 1997: $10 49 issues from 2004: $10 49 issues from 2003: $10 49 issues from 2002: $10 all issues from 2004 (49): $10 32 issues from 2003: $10 Seriously. Aside from a couple of non-magazine related items that also popped up, those are the listings that appear on the first page right now. Famitsu is dirt cheap to collect (in Japan). Getting an entire set from issue 1 on would be very difficult and expensive (and take up an enormous amount of space), but just getting a hold of a bunch of issues if you aren't overly particular about which ones is super cheap. If you live in Japan, of course. Because even if you bought 50 issues for $10, shipping that much weight to America would surely cost several hundred dollars at the least.
  6. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Fair enough, at the moment I will just hide the User Download links from being populated. I only included Archive because that was where Marktrade was placing his items and he was linking to Archive for them. I will still move forward on linking to active publishers that we can still subscribe to with either physical or digital versions. What is still active, maybe 15 different magazines between the USA and UK at the moment....if that?
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