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  3. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Yep. Mine are cannon fodder, er, recycling fodder after running them through my A3 document scanner.
  4. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    The only mags that you use a heat gun on would be a mag bound with glue. I suppose it might be possible to have a professional service rebind those for you, but I couldn't tell you how well they do it or what it would cost. Also, it's very hard to not damage the spine when debinding a mag, so even if the pages could be reglued, it probably wouldn't be in perfect condition anymore. Doing it yourself is impossible, of course. As for stapled mags (like most issues of Famitsu), there are only two ways to put them back together: 1 - Take out the staples, scan everything on a flatbed scanner, then get it professionally restapled (or try it yourself to likely less than perfect results.) There are 2 downsides to this method. First, a flatbed scanner simply isn't going to make scans that are as high in quality as a document scanner like the Fujitsu. Second, scanning on a flatbed takes FOREVER. OMG what a nightmare. There's a reason no one here does it. 2 - Your second choice is to take out the staples and run the uncut pages through an A3-sized document scanner, then get it re-stapled afterwards. The downside to this is that an A3 document scanner costs thousands of dollars. The only way I could ever consider option #1 is if I was scanning something super rare/expensive. Like one of the first dozen or so issues of Famitsu. For anything in the first 100 issues (which could be obtained for $20 or less, it would be a judgement call on whether it was worth it or not. Anything from issue 100 on, it would be far easier to just buy a second copy if you want to keep one intact, since you shouldn't have to pay more than $5 per issue, and if you buy in lots, you can usually find them for $1-2 per issue (all of these prices aren't taking shipping into account, so if you're in America it's likely the shipping cost will be higher than the price of the magazine.) I've cut the pages of every issue I've ever scanned of Famitsu in order to scan it on my A4 Fujitsu document scanner. Of course, I've never paid more than $1 per issue for the several hundred issues I have, so maybe I'd feel guiltier about it if I'd spent a fortune. I could always keep the loose pages in a bag, but quickly selecting a quality scanned cbr from a folder on my hard drive is far easier than sifting through a box of thosands of loose magazine pages. Once they're debound, they're garbage in my opinion. People who feel differently usually don't go into the business of scanning magazines. I could be wrong, but I think Philly might be the only scanner around here that keeps all of their debound pages.
  5. @TheGingerarchy @netsukesu I'm right here.

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  11. Forsaken (Japan)

    Forsaken is a first-person vehicular shooter with full 360 degree movement (like Descent) developed for the PC by Probe and published in Japan by Takuda Synergy. Released (NA): April 24, 1998
  12. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    I am very familiar with heat guns and I plan to make them my go to as well. I too also like to make seamless scans of spreads with no gutter cutoff when I can. However, I'm not up for disposing of magazines when I'm done unless they're in really bad condition afterwards; I've been been dropping mad cash on back issues of Famitsu and it would be painful if I wasn't able to put them back together. I didn't think they even sold those anymore! I think I'll stick with my sour apple Rockstars. Oh, and full disclosure. I've been using RM scans for my blog for over 3-4 years now, with proper scanner credits whenever I can.Thought it was time to repay the favor.
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    Will Java destroy the Web? Well, we're all still here, but anything's possible...

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