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  11. Missing Magazine: PCGames

    Warning - this will be of interest to possibly one other person, but here it is anyway. I had to basically redo the entire PCGames database. When it was created, all of the issues were simply titled "PCGames" since the issues themselves don't have issue/volume numbers and our information on its publication run is woefully incomplete. The intent (I believe) when the PCGames DB was first created was to avoid making up numbers that could turn out to be incorrect, and have the issues sort in the correct order by manipulating the sorting field (editable by mods on the back end). It was a good idea, and the issues we have confirmed to exist were listed in the correct order on the database page. However, as I discovered when I went to try to edit those issues in the database and add some new covers, the individual DB entries' URLs are based on the issues' name/title. Since the title of every issue was "PCGames," every issue had the same URL and clicking on any issue took you to the same DB entry, so there was no way of editing exact issue you were intending to edit. Plus, after editing an issue's name, the only way to update its URL is to go to a special page that Phillyman created to remove URL suffixes, and after that, the issue had to be edited via a separate admin site in order to set the magazine's download status as "allowed," since the creator of the original enrtres had forgotten to do so. The bottom line was that the quickest and easiest way to fix everything was simply to delete the entries and start over. The results are kind of awkward, but can be fixed at a later time. The covers in the gallery are sorted using year/month format, so July 1990 would be "PCGames (1990.07)." As for the database entries, I've had to include the date in the issue names to give each issue a unique URL without simply making up issue numbers that would almost definitely turn out to be incorrect, so the title would be "PCGames (July 1990)." On the back end (viewable by mods) the issues had originally been given some sorting numbers that were spaced out enough to allow the possibility of adding extra issues to be inserted in-between as they were discovered, but this was a very sloppy method of being "organized." On the redone DB, the sorting field on the back end is done using a number that represents the issue's cover date. July 1990 is sorted as 199007, while December 1991 would sort as 199112. This will make it much easier to add future issues without the hassle of having to see what sorting number has been assigned to the surrounding issues in order to know what number the new issue should be sorted by. Anyway, in the process I added a few new covers, including one for an issue that had previously not been in the DB (or the list at the start of this thread). And if you're wondering why I went to all this trouble, it has something to do with the mag I debound yesterday in preparation to be scanned...
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