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  11. KiwiArcader's Work In Progress

    Nintendo Dream issue 103 is now available thanks to Cuckooguy
  12. Gamepro #17 missing Flying Warriors Comic

    Comic is scanned. Now all that is left is editing and updating the GamePro scan
  13. Good call, Lieutenant Commander. I'll let the CPU job I'm on now run its course, then pause it and let my GPU take on the struggles. It's more valuable points-wise, as you pointed out. I'm only folding on Medium, so it's drawing on 2 cores. Full bumps it up to 3 cores, but that seemed excessive and I didn't want to strain my older computer. The PS3 used to have the Folding@Home app installed on it, but one of their updates must have taken it off, as I just checked and didn't find it. I'd used it in the past when I was folding for a different team, and it was an order of magnitude better than my PC at the time (something like 670 PPD as compared to 45-ish). *huggles* Areala
  14. You may wish finding out the daily cost if you let it run. The first thing you need is the wattage rating. For instance my intel cpu is rated 145 watt at 4.0 Gigahertz. Multiply this by the hours it ran approximately in one day. 145 watt * 24h = 3480 watt hours per day. Next divide by 1000. 3480 / 1000 = 3.48 kwh per day. Most cities as far as I know have a rate they charge by the killowatt hour for instance here it is 13.9 cents so I would multiply 3.48 kwh * $0.139 = 48 cents per day. So $15 a core per month should be something to be aware of. I stopped folding with my cpu because at the same wattage 240,000 points per day more with my GPU than my CPU I feel like 15 dollars a month would be wiser spent on a private super data center rather than 40,000 my cpu achieves. I will only turn on my cpu again if someone starts gaining on me by exactly 1 less than 40,000 ppd or more. Or if Phillyman starts leading by 340,000 PPD.
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  16. My PC is 7 years old so I've no way to win, but have entered the fray just to move us up a few slots on the overall team top list. I can get roughly 6,000 points per day with my i5 cpu and Nvidia GT640 card. Pocket change in the grand scheme of things. *huggles* Areala
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