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  2. Mega Man 4

    Mega Man 4 is a platformer for the NES developed and published by Capcom. Released (NA): January 1992
  3. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Nothing much you can do about shipping costs. If I ever move back to America, all of my magazines are going in the trash, since the only way I could afford to ship them with me would be to sell them on eBay at outrageous prices once I get there, and I hate the process of selling stuff on eBay. I'd rather trash 'em. It's all supply and demand, though. Japanese mags are rare in America, so the prices are high. I don't know if it's fair to say you're getting ripped off - you're just paying the American market value. But here, a lot of print media is considered disposable. As a huge comic book fan, imagine my shock (and temptation) when I first moved here and saw people leaving huge bound stacks of Weekly Shonen Jump comics outside to be collected with their recycling. Japanese mags typically use thicker paper than American mags, so a 200 page Famitsu is the size of a 250 page American mag. That's a 25% increase in size. Also, instead of 12 issues per year, you're looking at 48/49. That's a 300% increase. So you're looking at a year's worth of mags taking up 325% more space. And I don't know if you've heard this or not, but a lot of Japanese homes aren't all that big So collecting tons of issues of Famitsu isn't practical for lots of people, and there's always a healthy amount of issues up for grabs at reasonable prices on Yahoo Auctions. It sounds like you already acquired some issues, so if you should ever choose to scan those, I'm sure there will be a lot of happy people out there. I may one day scan some Famitsus again, but I've stopped for now and decided to focus on other mags due to my previous Famitsu scans being taken and corrupted by a different site. Of course, scanning Gamepro, EGM and Nintendo Power will be greatly appreciated, as well, so it's all good no matter what you decide.
  4. Any good techniques/hardware for scanning?

    Le sigh~ That sucks. Stupid damn Yankee prices... freaking shipping charges... Oh well, guess It's just going to be GamePro and EGM from me! And Nintendo Power if we've been able to sort that whole mess out.
  5. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    If he had just gone away like Sean697 (and any number of scanners from before I was a member here), it wouldn't bother me. It happens. This isn't a lifelong gig for most people. I guess I'm just hung up on the money thing. It really feels like he's taking advantage of people. If people were giving me money to do something and I decided to take an extended break, I'd have the decency to let them know. I'd also stop taking their money, because I'd feel like an asshole otherwise. But that's just me, I guess.
  6. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    He did comment to Jason of Archive back in June, so its only been 16 weeks since we last heard from him. Who knows, he could pop up tomorrow and drop out 100 magazines as a surprise.
  7. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    I don't know, man. It seems a bit suspect to be collecting $1000 in donations and not even have the courtesy to post a status update in 6 months. I wouldn't hold your breath. Btw, AFAIK, the only stuff in those pics that was scanned were the SuperPlays, CDi mags, and NextGens.
  8. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Actually I may still have the Dreamcast magazines on hand, its been so long, but I did send him two boxes of magazines with the remainder of the images above. I don't think Marktrade ran off with the magazines, and I still hold out hope for a flash drive full of scanned pages to show up in my mailbox one afternoon
  9. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    Well if you consider that a burn, I wonder how his patrons on Patreon feel? I guess it's technically their fault for not canceling their monthly payments, but marktrade's collected over $1000 from them in the 6 months since he stopped scanning and dropped out of sight on the internet. A profitable business, retirement
  10. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    This is everything I sent Marktrade, not sure what he scanned so far. A few months after sending these off Mark stopped uploading items to Retromags and started to just dump his scans onto Archive.
  11. Phillyman's Work In Progress...

    marktrade acquired a lot of mags from you Phillyman? If so, those items should be available here and not just over at anyway. Are you after the actual links to the magazine issues themselves or the individual pages the magazines are listed on over at KW?
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