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    True, but that's no excuse to keep placing it as the highest rated Western game on Top 100 lists. As if Western game development peaked in 1981. Top 100 lists aren't supposed to be about which games were the most influential, anyway, they're supposed to be about the best games, period. Would even the most ardent Wizardry fan claim that the first game is the best in the series? (because they would be wrong.) Christ, at least pick a better Wizardry game to applaud.
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    It's logical than all these lists chock-full of RPGs pay a tribute to Wizardry, because it's the RPG that started it all in Japan. It was the major influence of The Black Onyx, and - not always directly - all the JRPG to come, from Dragon Quest to Final Fantasy. The name is so revered that when Sir-Tech closed down, the Japanese got the license and developed their own Wizardry franchise - it even had its own anime ! And that's certainly why Robert Woodhead pursued a new career in anime in Japan, as you discovered a few pages earlier.
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