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  2. It's not so much the idea of capitalism as much as Canadians are desperate for some type of competition between the cable companies because they have a monopoly over all communications and the CRTC has always been cozy with the governments. This is generally a bipartisan issue but some are so frustrated that they toss around the idea of allowing US companies a chance to compete for Canadian subscribers. This would quickly take subscribers from our current providers because of the higher value service but on the other hand this can also become a slippery slope for a sovereign country to partake in. Cutting the cord and canceling service seems to be the only thing that has an effect but many Canadian are too docile to bother complaining. As for an FM antennae, I have run coaxial cable on to the roof so it is in clear view of the transmitter or sometimes just in front of a window and got good reception. I figured you're cables ran to a vhf antennae on the roof to receive analog over the air channels. These VHF antennae are built with the same attenuation that FM radio uses so they may coexist.
  3. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hahaha those are great. I don't think I can adequately express the gratitude I have for the work that you and your team did back then. Those magazines had a huge influence on my life. If I could trouble you for one more story, do you have any around Mortal Kombat 2 or 3?
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  5. Gotta love capitalism for the crap like this that happens sometimes... As far as the house goes, we're the original owners. I just wasn't clear enough on our needs when the wiring was being done. Not a huge deal, I just can't think of any reason to have coax in the house. I'll never have cable, and what's this about using it as an FM antenna? As in, radio signals? Might be nice, if the radio around here was decent... sadly that's not really the case. There's a good reason I rely on the internet for entertainment. Will cross that road when the time comes. Had no idea that anything beyond Cat6 was a thing... been a long time since I did any sort of networking.
  6. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Oh good christ do I ever have many stories One fun one I like to talk of recently actually involves Starfox 2 since that FINALLY got released via the SNES Classic thing by Nintendo. Short version: We saw the game on the show floor and we got hold of the video cables for Nintendo's main screen and spliced the game into a high-8 recorder without them knowing! Was funny too as the big screen blinked off/on quickly - thankfully alerting nobody. Then, Andy Baran (RIP) not only played that game on the show floor, but got all the way to the end and beat the game right there! We were so excited that we had the ENTIRE game recorded so we published the strategy guide (Found in EGM2, Issue 8) and were totally shocked to find out it got delayed, and then shelved. That's just a tiny story! Too many to tell! >_< Another fun fact about me: I'm the guy who did the photoshop work for a lot of the April Fools tricks. My credits go to the All-Bonds code, Akuma in RE2 (I originally pitched that to the EGM staff, but they wanted the All-Bonds code, so I put Akuma/RE2 into EGM2), the 2nd iteration of Shen Long in SF3 (Sushi-X/Ken Williams did the first one. I had only just started there... although I was the guinnea pig for it! I walked in and he showed me the screens and told me how he unlocked Shen Long. I was happy and thought the screens looked cool so I walked away and everybody started laughing! >_<) I also did the GameNOW Metal Gear Solid 2X and freelance-wise I did the LotR Cart Racer screen.
  7. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hey Mike! Any good stories you can share? I wish I could re-live 1990 - 1996.
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  9. Retromags Presents! Game Land Issue 57 December 1999 Database Entry! Download Directly! Game Land Issue 58 January 2000 Database Entry! Download Directly!
  10. Game Land 57 (December 1999)

    Version 1.0.0


    Game Land 57 (December 1999)(RU)
  11. Game Land 58 (January 2000)

    Version 1.0.0


    Game Land 58 (January 2000) (RU)
  12. The Movie Network and HBO Canada are packaged as a bundle and they show on our bill as $18.00 / month. So for cable cutters or anyone who is only interested in watching Game of Thrones as they first air for example, need to purchase a cable plan as well as the Movie Network / HBO package which cost about $48.00 / month cad.
  13. Hopefully you'll run Cat6 or 7 instead of 5 when you get around to it While HBO is not available, The Movie Network airs all of HBO's shows. So if users pay extra for The Movie Network, they can watch anything that HBO produces as though they had HBO.
  14. HBO is not available in Canada, even through Amazon Prime Canada. Bell owns the rights to this and they will not license it to any competitors. The builder of you're house installed coaxial to every room so the owner could run a set to any room as well as using it for an FM antennae. It's a contemporary way of providing data transmission and because there's 15 of them, they also had the foresight to future proof their needs.
  15. That was one of the strangest things to me, when our house was built. I have a bundle of coax cables left un-terminated in the basement next to the electrical box, probably 15 lines in all. I have absolutely no use for coax line in our house... I had explained how I wanted internet in all the rooms to be able to be plugged into directly, but I really don't think the contractor quite understood what I meant... obviously. On the plus side, the coax will make a nice pull cord to run cat5 lines someday. You're probably not that far off, population density, compared to where I live. Lowest population in all the US (at least the lower 48, not sure about Alaska these days?), yet I'm in I believe the 7th largest state, by area. Still... internet speeds kinda suck. I don't think it's helping, that a large number of folks are online now, that weren't ten years ago. More traffic on the same infrastructure, slows everybody down. Yet one more reason I'm not really a fan of modern phones. You guys are definitely getting screwed on the HBO side of things. Small wonder that such business practices might encourage piracy. Is Amazon Prime an option for getting HBO up there? Or is that not allowed due to Bell's contract / rights holdings?
  16. Recommended game music player

    Thanks for that link, I read another article on that site worth a read if anyone is interested in this sort of thing: I think what made me aware of it the most was music during the end credits of movies on blu-ray discs. It just sounds so much more full than any CD I've heard. Makes some sense though, if I recall, blu-ray is 48 or 96-bit, versus CD at 16-bit. I may have numbers incorrect, but I know the audio portion of a blu-ray is quite sizable.
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  18. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    So long as they're old enough to be scanned (strategy guides are beholden to the same self-imposed cutoff dates we use for magazines), there's no reason those can't be scanned as well. Our current cutoff dates are: December 2008 for defunct publications December 2003 for publications still in print I don't know if this is official policy (it's been a while since anyone scanned a strategy guide around here), but I tend to think strategy guides should be regarded as "publications still in print" since they aren't periodicals and thus could have been made available by the publisher/retailer for a much longer stretch of time than a magazine. Which would mean anything published up through Dec. 2003 is fair game.
  19. Looking to Mass Donate many magazines

    Hey, quick question I have some strategy guides from Prima/Brady and a ton from Versus Books. Did you need them as well? I ask as I see you only seem to be hosting the unofficial guides ATM for Brady. Just wondering if there was some stipulation or something you couldn't do.
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