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  2. Electric Brain is staple bound, so not a problem for all concerned. The only reason I'm accepting them "on loan" is the owner doesn't want to give them up. A fair compromise was reached in order to get this uncommon magazine scanned and preserved. I wouldn't accept any glue bound items "on loan" for the reasons you mention: they will essentially be destroyed. I use VueScan software on macOS which works a treat. I think you can get that for Windows too?
  3. Oh dear! Oops. Sorry. I meant I find them more interesting. In my defense I wasn't aware you had not personally scanned any of these. Thanks for sharing them anyway!
  4. Here's another scan I had nothing to do with that's better than anything I ever spent 5 hours scanning and editing. Or so I hear. This time it's a Japan-exclusive visual novel adaptation of Silent Hill for the Game Boy Advance.
  5. Play Novel: Silent Hill is a visual novel adaptation of the original Silent Hill, developed and published for the Game Boy Advance exclusively in Japan in 2001.
  6. Ummm, if you are borrowing mags but have to take them apart to feed through the fi-4530c ADF how are you going to get them back together again to return to the owner? As I have never been able to reinsert staples back in mags without the resulting mag being a whole lot looser than before it was destapled. And it goes without saying the glue bound mags are a different proposition entirely so I'm intrigued by your "on loan" comment given your particular scanner. I owned one of those scanners ages ago. Very nice barring having to use Windows XP thanks to Fujitsu's pathetic attempts to force people to buy the exact same scanner rebadged as a fi-5530c2 by writing firmware designed to not work with newer operating systems.
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