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  2. RT @phantom_river: This is what turned up when a former Sega developer was decluttering a room: Yu Suzuki's scripts for #Shenmue when it wa…

  3. RT @shenmood: Here are some low poly models I found in the files for Shenmue 1.
    It's interesting to note that none of these characters actu…

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  5. @XXL This timeline is weird.

  6. RT @MoozuaMary: Hasbro bought Death Row Records... does that mean this old drawing is canon now?

  7. I just... how did this happen? I can't even wrap my head around this.

  8. RT @HotNewHipHop: Hasbro, the company that owns Mr. Potato Head, now owns the Death Row Records catalog as well 😳😩

  9. RT @sleepyseraph: You May Be Part Of Generation Fucked If You:
    - were taught cursive, but it was shortly after cut from the curriculum
    - ha…

  10. RT @sleepyseraph: proposing a generation between millenials and zoomers roughly 1995-2000 where zoomers hate u and millenials r too tired t…

  11. Oh hey, I made it to 3000 subscribers on YouTube. Neat.

  12. RT @Autumn_Kamrie: If y’all wanna know how my day is going (And I’m sure you do)... As I’m getting into my car I see these little ass shoes…

  13. Heading up north to Portland, OR. to celebrate a friend's birthday party. Hopefully the $400 of liquor he said he b…

  14. RT @SPEEPSHighway: This boy has an otherwise JP-only reference to Sonic CD in SA1's early localization. In the final game, he only referenc…

  15. Possible that is was scanned in the past with poor quality, or that it was lost during one of the many catastrophes we suffered thru the years
  16. RT @RadiantPickle: @ninjasexparty I scream
    You scream
    The cops show up
    It’s awkward

  17. RT @ninjasexparty: I scream
    You scream
    We all scream
    For boutique clothing at rock-bottom discount prices

  18. RT @ninjasexparty: *aol voice*
    “you’ve got #buttsex”

  19. @TrottBritt @DiamondJoe1985 @BrotherNature Wait a second, is... he trying to fuck that shark there? 😲👀

  20. RT @eugenegu: When an elephant was tasked with laying down logs in pre-dug holes, it outright refused when a dog was sleeping in one. It wo…

  21. RT @BrotherNature: We boycotting Jimmy Johns

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  23. Is this really the first time this has been scanned? I think I must have seen this cover so often in in-house ads of other Game Player's mags that I convinced myself that I already had a copy, but it appears that I don't. I'm positive I saw this on newsstands at the same time as Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Vol.1 No.2, which there are two covers for - one with and one without the triangular contest blurb seen on this cover. I'm pretty sure both of these issues (and possibly others) received multiple printings, making pinpointing their exact release dates difficult. One of the covers of issue 2 (which Retromags lists with an "August 1988" date, the same as this Buyer's Guide) features the same contest blurb as this one but displays a "sell until May 16, 1989" note, suggesting that this Buyer's Guide issue was likely published sometime in 1989 as opposed to "August 1988" as listed here. At any rate, it's almost 100% definite that the dates listed at Retromags are incorrect, unless there was indeed a one year gap between issue 3 (September 1988) and 4 (Aug-Sep 1989).
  24. Retromags Presents! Game Player's Nintendo Buyer's Guide Vol.1 No.1b (August 1988) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day    Donated By: CIVICMINDED Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Game Player's Nintendo Buyer's Guide Vol.1 No.1b (August 1988)
  26. RT @BernieSanders: Let me be blunt:

    If we stick to a "middle ground" approach or half measures when it comes to the climate crisis, our ch…

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