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  8. Missing Magazine: PCGames

    I will probably get around to fixing Computer Games Strategy Plus and PC Games whenever I get around to adding my own scans to it. There are two things that usually motivate me to create or fix a particular database: I have covers or scans to add and need to create or fix a database/cover gallery to allow me to do so. Someone else has covers or scans to add and needs to have a database/cover gallery created/fixed to allow them to do so. I'm very sorry to report that reason #2 has rarely come up. The line of people chomping at the bit to contribute around here is pretty much non-existent, even though the entire website is ostensibly built around the concept that all members are allowed and encouraged to contribute. So it falls to me, apparently - but I'm just one person. I do my best (I've contributed more covers to the gallery/database in the past 2.5 years than every other person combined managed to contribute in the past 12 years.) But still. And yet no matter how much I do around here, I'll still have some guy demanding to know when I'm going to scan some magazine he's interested in. p.s. True story: I'm pretty sure the entire reason that my "rank" of Database Moderator exists is because back when I was just a regular Member (and after contributing some scans, a Team Member) I used to pester Phillyman constantly to create this or that gallery or database for me that I wanted to contribute to (since only Retromags Curators had the ability to create new galleries/databases). I think my constant requests annoyed him to the point that he created the (at the time) new position of Database Moderator which gave me the ability to do such things for myself just so he'd stop having to deal with so many PMs from me all the time. Not that I don't still send some his way on a regular basis. The moral of the story is, anyone can contribute, even to the point of being one of our top contributors. And if they want to contribute but we don't yet have a gallery/DB in place for their contribution, all they have to do is ask and we'll try to get it created. And maybe if they contribute a crapload of stuff and are always bothering Phillyman or E-Day or me about this or that in order for them to be able to do so, well...who knows? They might just find themselves the proud appointee of the not-yet-created position of Super Annoying Guy Who Adds All The Things. Or, uh, maybe something more diplomatic-sounding, like what happened to me?
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  25. Missing Magazine: PCGames

    I know how you feel. With the mags sharing the same names (I know four "PC Player" and four "PC Games", maybe more to come), those who reinitialize their numbering sometimes and those who don't even have numbering, it can be a source of trouble. At least, the id in the database is unique. Three things : - About the mess with "PCGames" / "PC Games" : be careful with "Computer Games Strategy Plus", the "Computer Games" was added to mean they dropped boardgames, but it was still called "Strategy Plus" inside, and later it became "Computer Games" (with "Strategy Plus" written with a smaller font on the cover). And worse, its nationality changed : it was originally British and became 100% American later ! - There are two covers of PC Games that don't show up in the magazine section. - Don't forget your remaining "Game Players PC Entertainment".
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  28. Retromags Presents PCGames August/September 1992 Thanks to marktrade for scanning and editing this issue! Database Entry Download Here
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