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  3. Yeah I really want to avoid CIS if possible, i hate that it seems all the low end stuff only has this as an option. I'm sure it's for cost savings but it sucks. Hell my flatbed Canoscan 9000F Mark II just died over the weekend and I went to buy a new one and they apparently discontinued them late last year and I can't find a new one anywhere. They also apparently aren't replacing it with a new model which seems stupid. I may have to go with an Epson V550 I guess but I really loved my Canon. I have an Epson 10000XL but it's slower and it lacks edges to catch my ruler with on two sides so that's annoying.
  4. kitsunebi77

    Present Play (Japan)

    Present Play is an adult PC game from developer Digi Anime and was released for Windows PCs on June 24, 1999.
  5. E-Day

    Scanner update

    Sure, that wound be great. I installed the software that came with the scanner, but I'm not sure what I would actually use from all the stuff that installed. Rhythm hosting the software was a pain because it seemed like I could only update one component at a time. So what is it that I need to use this thing properly? I'm hoping to run some test scans on it tonight.
  6. I took a look at the Wikipedia page for this game, and boy, does it need an update. It talks about how expensive the cart is and suggests that a loose copy is worth 300,000 yen ($300.) And yet you can go to Yahoo Auctions right now and see several loose copies that have sold in the past week for between $25-45. On the other hand, a pristine boxed copy did sell for $2500 last month, so I'm not disputing its value. Still, although I've never played it, I suspect that this is one of those games which is only desired for its rarity and not because it's some kind of lost masterpiece.
  7. I've noticed that coverage of even obscure JP only games improves a lot past 1995. For example, The Adventure of Little Ralph got reviewed in Gamers' Republic, and Planet PlayStation. The mags that seem to do the best coverage of JP games were Gamers' Republic, GameFan, Superjuegos, and Consoles Plus. Usually, at least one magazine somewhere in Europe, America, or even Brazil would cover it. Hell, in 1995 Consoles Plus reviewed Hyper Iria and The Firemen, as well as other tons of obscure JP only titles. Pop'n seems obscure even by JP only standards. It likely only gotten any attention in the west in the last decade. The only coverage I've found is a 1995 preview from Famitsu (no issue given).
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