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    Rusel DeMaria and Zach Meston deliver up more of their winning formulas for flat-out conquering anything the Genesis can throw at you. Book is black and white, mostly text, but features copious screenshots for every game it covers. The last chapter is "Short Tips", which offers quick tidbits, codes and secrets for titles that didn't get full coverage. Games covered: Alien Storm Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse DecapAttack Fantasia Ghostbusters King's Bounty Klax Might and Magic Shadow Dancer Shining in the Darkness 688 Attack Sub Sonic the Hedgehog Spider-Man Streets of Rage Strider Toejam and Earl Superstar Sports Games Cost is $9.95 US, $13.95 CAN
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    So you just couldn't keep away from Stauf's Mansion... When the clock struck the fatal hour, you just had to answer its call. You simply couldn't resist. And once you ventured into Stauf's haunted mansion, you found that no amount of sniveling and pleading could save you from your chosen fate. You should not have entered without a guide. Well, perhaps your pleas for mercy have been answered. The Official Strategy Guide which you now hold in your hands is the only help you can count on to solve the mysteries hidden within this decomposing mansion. Amidst these pages you will find: Detailed puzzle strategies and solutions Explanations of all the clues Locations of all the Treasure Hunt items A complete fictional walkthrough of the game The 11th Hour script in its original form An interview with Graeme Devine and Rob Landeros The challenges within Stauf's evil and foreboding underworld have never been more terrifying. Face them alone and you're no better than a demented killer's favorite plaything!
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    The Official Grand Theft Auto V Limited Edition Strategy Guide from BradyGames details every square mile of Los Santos and Blaine County; essential for a map that’s bigger and better than ever. Welcome to Los Santos and Blaine County Only With The Limited Edition: In addition to all the info a gamer needs, the hardcover collectible guide also features an exclusive official lithograph of GTA V artwork as well as a collection of beautiful illustrations. • Hard Cover Collectible Guide • A Collection of Grand Theft Auto V Illustrations • Exclusive Lithograph Plus Everything In Our Signature Series Guide: • Main Story & Mission Maps • Collectibles • Hobbies & Pastimes • Ambient Activities • Vehicle Showroom • 100% Completion