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    Remember thumbing through this one as a kid and trying out the combos at the arcades. Good times.
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    No kidding. The Versus Books Perfect Guide for Resident Evil 2 often tops $100. Even this one here, the unauthorized guide to the first game, will usually set the buyer back ~$15 or so. What's especially amusing to me is that Prima produced both an Authorized and an Unauthorized guide to the RE Director's Cut. The Unauthorized book covers the game's initial release in 1997, while the Authorized one covers the DualShock re-release of 1998. Outside of analog stick support, they're exactly the same game, written by the same guy, but Capcom got Prima to pay money so they could be the 'authorized' publisher of the guide one year after they were the 'unauthorized' publisher of the previous guide. Ahhh, the 90's... *huggles* Areala
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    I get unreasonably excited when I see another Famitsu release. Thank you, @kitsunebi! *huggles* Areala
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    So there are two "official" strategy guides for this game? I thought that was...impossible?