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    OK, I am gonna say this just once. Please do not make me repeat myself. DO NOT FUCK WITH OTHER PEOPLES WEBSITES! I don't want to see any more shit in the forums or shoutbox about Archive, Jason (@textfiles) on Twitter. Or any of the rest of it. Look I get it, you guys bust your asses to preserve magazines, I am not paying you, you guys do this out of a love for preserving stuff, but I also don't need the bullshit from this fight. So if you are going to work yourself into knots when you see something you made.....elsewhere on the internet. Then please do not submit it here! I can't prevent people from coming into this website and grabbing a copy and putting it elsewhere. It happens all the time, it has happened since I started this site in 2005........and guess what.......in 2050 IT WILL STILL BE HAPPENING.We are finally at the point where we have ZERO restrictions on letting EVERYONE download EVERYTHING, and we still seem to find stuff to complain about. So again, chill the fuck out, take a Valium. I can't control what you say over at other sites. But this site will not be a spring board for some turf war.