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    I don't know about you, but when I think back to the original PlayStation, all I can think about is all of the VISUAL NOVELS. Sure, a few people got their kicks from Final Fantasy Roman Numeral, Resident Evil Arabic Numeral, or Metal Gear Solid No Numeral Yet, but as for me, nothing beats clicking the X button a million times to read a melodramatic story that is for the most part railroaded from start to finish, with only a few places where my choices have any real impact. Oh wait, that sounds kind of like Final Fantasy after all... Anyway, for those of you who like reading but hate reading anything good or simply can't stand the smell of a book, Japan has got you covered. Visual novels up the wazoo everywhere you turn. But sometimes, you click dialogue choice #1 when you should have clicked dialogue choice #2, and now you'll NEVER get to invite Akari to the summer festival... So to save you that agony, I present to you this "strategy" guide, which has been graciously digitized for your real-book-hating convenience. https://archive.org/details/yukiwarinohanaofficialguidebook
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    Thanks for contributing even it it's not on Retromags. I cant wait to see them!
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    Hey thanks for the reply! I completely understand that these scans wouldn't pass your quality standards here. I promise to whomever stumbles upon this post in the future, that I'll update this thread with links to my uploads to the internet archive so anyone looking for them can find them. I don't have an ETA on when I'll be able to get it done, but hopefully I'll get it done within a month or two. Thanks again everyone, I'm glad there is still some interest in getting these scans uploaded. Cheers!
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    As I said, I would not approve those. There is visible distortion, blurring, and shadow on the gutter side of the page. We debind almost all magazines that we scan here, not because we want to destroy our magazines, but because it's the only way to get a quality scan. I'm not sure if most people truly appreciate the sacrifices that go into every scan they download from our site (from the relatively small number of thanks we receive, I suppose not.) Don't worry, though, if you do ever scan your mags, they can always be added to the Internet Archive. They don't care about quality (nor about stealing other peoples' scans - so you can upload them right next to their Nintendo Power collection, almost all of which they stole from us. It'll be almost just like uploading your mags to the real Retromags!) Please don't think I'm trying to discourage you from scanning your mags, btw. Your scans might not be a fit for Retromags, but they WILL be appreciated no matter where they end up.
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    Yeah I definitely don't want to damage or de-bound my magazines. Here are some examples of one magazine I scanned and cropped just in case the quality is anywhere near what you might be ok with? I know the image size isn't too large but I can get a higher quality scan. i totally understand needing to maintain a certain standard of quality when preserving old magazines, and if any mod or admin would be willing to accept unbound scans of the issues that I still have that are still missing 5 years later, let me know and I'd be happy to submit them.
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    Hey all, I just remembered my password on this account. Just wanted to gauge to see if there is still interest in getting these missing issues scanned and uploaded that I listed in the first post. I finally have a decent scanner now and I think I can knock out getting these missing issues scanned and cropped decently enough to upload on here. Thanks!
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    I am interested to know if it's possible to link together the magazine database and videogame database in some way. This stems from discovering the site just a few days ago as a new user. My purpose for exploring this website/service is to locate mentions of Legend of Dragoon in old gaming magazines. I began with the search function available, netting me several results and multiple magazine issues cited. Sometimes a single sentence, other times a two-page review. Good stuff. I wanted to expand my search and learn more. My next step was to explore the RetroMags VG database. I browsed and did indeed find an entry for Legend of Dragoon. Hardly any game data was provided, and no magazines listed. This puzzled me at first, but now I think it's just a lack of volunteers or that the VG database is a low priority. Almost every single game has virtually no data entered - even highly-rated games like FFVII. As stated above, my request is for there to be some kind of cross-tag system that links these two databases together. In practice, every magazine on file that mentions Dragoon would have the "Legend of Dragoon" video game tag, as well as tags for whatever other games are included. Then, when browsing the VG database, we can look at a game and see what magazines it is a part of. On Legend of Dragoon's page, there may be a "EGM Issue ___" tag. In the longer term, perhaps these tags could be descriptive and indicate whether each mention is a review, preview, or other subcategory. Tags can be color-coded by magazine, type of mention, or both. I am attaching an example image to this post for early proof-of-concept. I believe this feature would be of use to archivists like myself that are looking to collect and aggregate information about legacy fandoms. While the search feature did provide decent results on the fly, a lot of manual sifting can tend to cause an information breakdown and demotivate the research process. It would also give new purpose to a service currently on display but not in great use (VG database). I do get that archiving these magazines is an oft-thankless endeavor, so I mean no expectation of a perfect grade-A feature set. Perhaps there is also a technical limitation. Please let me know if this is possible and if there's anything I can do to help. - Drew
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    and the goal has been met! I will gather all the names above this weekend and pull a name from a hat for the grand prize
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    DISCLAIMER: Retromags cannot guarantee that any magazine donated to any particular individual will be scanned/edited in a timely manner, or even at all. All donations are private negotiations between donor and donatee and the donor accepts all risks involved. It may behoove potential donors to consider any donatee's previous history of accepting and following through on releasing previous donations, in what timeframe as well as in what quality if that is a concern, but this is still not a guarantee that future transactions will be treated similarly. OK, now that that unpleasantness has been said, have at it kids! Donate away! (Just don't send anything to me - I've got more than enough already).
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    I prefer realist, but I accept that most people don't see it that way. We're the only site dedicated to English-language mags that even HAS a database. Oldgamemags is mostly concerned with churning out massive numbers of new scans on a regular basis (nothing wrong with that), and the Out of Print Archive is mainly concerned with scanning and rescanning and RESCANNING the same few mags over and over in an ongoing quest to reach god-like perfection with their release quality Phillyman is the one that handles the finances around here, but any modifications to the site like this involve hiring a programmer, and that costs $$$. I'm currently hoping for a site mod that will allow people who donate mags and people who scan mags to be able to receive credit for doing so (believe it or not, the only person currently capable of receiving any credit is the person who edits the scan). But these things cost money, and there are server fees and everything else that have to be paid for to keep the site running before additional mods can be worked into the budget, especially since any such mods often become broken whenever a new version of the site's software is released, and programmers have to be hired to rework any previous mods so they're compatible with new software versions. True, everyone has their niche. Phillyman will knock out some scans every once in a while, but he hates editing them. E-Day edits like a beast, but hates working on the database. Areala writes the most wonderfully robust contents indexes, but doesn't scan/edit magazines or add new entries to the DB. I do a little of everything on the magazine side of things (gallery, database, scans&edits), and all of the Japanese sections on this site are essentially my baby, but I have no interest in working on most of the other foreign-language sections (thanks to MigJmz for his recent efforts in adding Brazilian releases), or in helping to flesh out the video game section, even if the proposed tags become a thing. So the labor is already somewhat divided. The problem is simply how few people there are doing any labor at all. But who knows? Maybe there are a boatload of members out there who have no interest in scanning, editing, contributing to the gallery, or indexing magazine contents via text, but they're chomping at the bit to index magazine contest via tags, if only there was such a system in place. We may never know if Schrödinger's cat is alive or dead until we open that box, but in the meantime let's at least be optimists and assume that the flask of poison in there with it is half-FULL, not half empty.
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    @kitsunebi77, you weren't kidding about the grump! Heh, but really, I think I understand better now. Honestly if I wasn't already committed to certain passion projects, I'd jump in and help with this exact kind of thing. Building and managing systems is one of my natural thingies. I was about to research other mag collections, but you just saved me the time by indicating RetroMags is basically the leading group in this field. Thanks! Well, if this is the place, then A. these tags and filters gotta become a thing when possible, and B. we need to encourage the other major outlets that collaborating with RM is essential. Having a universal catalog in one place instead of several helps with accessibility and usage retention. Still, that may take forever and a half because, well, people. (I also recognize i may be preaching to the choir). Technically, if a person has no inclination to help with scanning/donating, cataloging wouldn't take away from existing scan power and such division isn't a bad thing (sound designer and artist in game development, as a weird analogy). Anyway, I appreciate you recognizing the value while weighing the lack of person-power to realize such features. Pretty much this. Comprehensive, accessible documentation means a lot to me. Even if it's a less-popular thing, it informs about cultural growth from one decade to the next. And despite how small some fandoms are, seeing stray questions crop up on ___ forum or ___ Discord server is pretty telling. Your post made my day! From one archivist to another, thanks for the work you do.
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    First of all, there are only 3 English-language archival sites focused on providing video game magazine scans - OldGameMags, the Out of Print Archive, and Retromags. New scans pop up in other places, but not as part of a concerted effort of a group (and be careful of "archival" groups whose main function is mirroring the efforts of the sites they swipe their scans from). Of those three sites, Retromags by far has the most comprehensive database of magazines (even if OldGameMags has more actual scans), and a more robust software, and thus would absolutely be the best choice for implementing such a feature. Second of all, you may have misinterpreted me a bit. I DO believe that your idea has merit. I simply don't believe that there is anyone willing to put in the work to accomplish it. I've been a member of this site since 2014, and in that time, less than a handful of people have added any new issues to our database. That's excusable of course, since due to administrative permissions, only a handful of people actually have the ability to do so. However, ANYONE has the ability to edit a database entry and add contents information (similar to the tagging system you've proposed), yet again, less than a handful of people have ever elected to do so during my tenure here. Similarly, anyone is capable of uploading images to our gallery, yet since 2014, I've personally uploaded almost 70% of the 32,000 images in our gallery, and until MigJmz started helping in the past couple of years, I was pretty much alone in that endeavor during that time. So again, your idea is sound, and would absolutely be a welcome addition. My only (realistic) criticism is that I have seen no evidence to suggest that there will be anyone willing to do the necessary work it would involve to make it very useful (though as you point out, even one magazine tagged is perhaps more useful than none.) I HAVE suggested exactly that already. If we can't get anyone to help complete our magazine databases, I'd hate to see our efforts divided into providing game information unrelated to magazines (information already available elsewhere). But I believe a robust video game section full of information, screengrabs, videos, and yes, magazine cross-referencing information is a (pipe)dream of Phillyman's, so it will likely remain in place. Of course, since no one has ever contributed to it since its creation (that I'm aware of), there really isn't any harm. It can't divide our efforts when no efforts are being made. Also, bear in mind that when referring to Retromags as a "group," you are referring to a group of over 15,000 people, including yourself. Every single registered member of this site is capable of contributing to it, and every single contribution of any kind ever made here was done on a volunteer basis - no one is "in charge" of doing anything (except for Phillyman, who is "in charge" of paying the site's bills.) But volunteers are rare indeed.
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    This is one of the reasons my main focus over the last several years has been towards the 'cataloging' aspect, instead of the scanning aspect. You'll find my contributions here have been almost entirely focused on indexing the various magazines we've managed to get into our database. It's essentially a "thankless task", because there's no real credit for it the way there is for scanning the magazines and adding in cover pics, but at the bare minimum, I like the idea that someone can search the site for a game title, and get some hits back about where it appeared, in which magazine, and in what capacity. It's something that, working alone, I'll never be able to even think about completing. But every magazine that I do index for the site is just one more drop in the bucket of information that likely exists nowhere else online. Will the world come to an end if no one can find out that an ad for "Deathtrap Dungeon" is featured in issue 39 of PC Gamer, or that there's a four-page strategy guide for "Time Crisis" in the first issue of Official US PlayStation Magazine? No...but that doesn't mean that somebody, somewhere, isn't out there thinking, "What magazine did I read that editorial about Tomb Raider fanfiction in back in 1999?" and if I can provide that answer (hint: PC Games, April 1999, the only game magazine I'm aware of where I'm actually featured as a topic of conversation!) then the work was worth it. *huggles* Areala
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    Thanks for the quick responses, each of you. I appreciate the time taken out for consideration. Looking at both the lack of demand as well as the possibility that other magazine archival sites may have better infrastructure for this proposal, maybe it's best not to do it here at RetroMags. In regard to what kitsunebi77 and MigJmz have said about the grim reality of things, I agree that this reduces the importance of tagging/filters. It's unfortunate. One could argue that since the magazine-on-paper generation has mostly come and gone (and likely never to return), we may lose some comprehensive indexing but at least it'll never happen again in the future. I think there is some historic importance to be had on this era of gaming - and magazines in general - but it just didn't survive once newer-age activities replaced magazines so swiftly. The total nuance involved makes it hard to justify doing more when there are so few volunteers, people are stealing without credit, and advanced services usually cost money. End short version! ----------------------------------- I don't fear pragmatism. So long as it isn't being used as negative propaganda, there's a place for it and it's just a matter of balancing out the costs and the benefits.Come at me! Well, not only is there the issue of a volunteer shortage, but also the niche benefit. I could argue that even a single archivist benefitting from such an endeavor is "worth it," but that doesn't mean low-efficiency is something to be okay with. Not that everything is about mass majorities, but typically one wouldn't build a bridge that is almost never used. So the historical value is the last big question, I think. I think this is a bit too absolutionist. Yes, you have a specific focus area (magazines). However, as with many things, these magazines are intersectional. The medium is magazines but the content, in this case, largely revolves around video game content. I do agree that redundancy is in many cases annoying and wasteful of our development time, but supplemental data isn't a bad thing in this case. Unless another website/platform/service is better-equipped to create these tags and filters I'm proposing, which is another issue in and of itself. In any case, if these tags and filters aren't feasible in your observation - and to an extent, mine - then I would suggest wiping the VG database to clean up the apparent focus of the group's efforts. Like clearing an empty forum board or chat channel in a server. From initial research, I've found magazine archival efforts from several entities. Sometimes a single individual with a ton of mags, often a group. The first thought here is scan redundancy, reducing double-work as much as possible. However, my leading concern is actually that some entities are not networking with other groups who have the same/similar goals. This increases the scan redundancy potential, and creates a situation akin to the traditional Pokémon video game version splits. Group A has magazines C, D, E, F, G, and H, while Group B has magazines C, D, E, H, I, J, and K. Group Z has random copies from each, so in the end you have three differently-incomplete collections instead of a unified comprehensive set. I guess what I'm trying to say is.. Unless all these groups including RetroMags are all pooling their resources into a massive compilation site serving a united cause, there's going to have to be some redundancy on each group's part. People are, usually, inefficient by nature about such things and slow to collaborate on a global scale. There's also the default perspective of being an end-user. I am sad that you aren't getting more support, believe me, but I find that the alternative to doing niche stuff is to do non-niche stuff that doesn't need my support anyway. In that sense it's more important to do weird, costly work at the risk of not being in the mainstream. God I sound weird to myself saying that, but, I hope it comes across well. I... sort-of agree. One thing I work with is wikis, including one that is currently quite incomplete. It is not useful overall, for sure, but I think it is reductive to call it pointless. Every volunteer project can take some time. RetroMags surely has taken years to accrue its current collection. Was it pointless when it only had a few issues archived? Sure. However, each and every little bit of progress is credit to why you have the current collection today. In my case, there are things the Legend of Dragoon community knows about solely because myself and a select few others bothered researching and tinkering for many years. So, I think this is just a thing where your realistic response was a bit emotionally charged. Baby steps are often the most valuable steps, I find, and caring only about the end-result can reduce the value of the "journey" portion of the work involved. I guess from my perspective, when futile increments are all we have, it makes all the difference. Even if inefficiently. I'm not saying that justifies the tags entirely, but, I found this to be an intriguing though experiment. I hope that's okay by you. Overall it seems like researching magazine archival itself has to come first, and then see if any additional unity can be gained beyond what exists already (I have read that some RetroMags material is used for documentation purposes at MobyGames website). Budgeting for it now would be both daunting to justify as well as premature. Thanks again for all of your input!
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    I know I have been absent for a while. Right now dealing with finding a new place to move and moving hundreds of pounds of magazines. But I like this idea, lets flesh it out and then I can get a quote to see what it would cost to put into action....if anything.
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    Once again, I just wanted to extend a sincere thanks to all of you who have participated in the CIVICMINDED Donation Drive Contest! This has provided a HUGE boost in helping me recover the freight shipping costs of my donation from a few months ago. It's been a real pleasure helping the RetroMags community and I'm already working on a second round of donations as we speak. Thank you all!
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    CivicMinded Donation Drive Contest Slots. Slot #0 ($0 - $50) - Phillyman (Not Participating) Slot #0 ($51 - $100) - Phillyman (Not Participating) Slot #0 ($101 - $150) E-day (Not Participating) Slot #1 ($151 - $200) Hardcorehubz Slot #2 ($201 -$250) Kremdog Slot #3 ($251 - $300) Kremdog Slot #4 ($301 - $350) Ethereal Dragonz Slot #5 ($351 -$400) badinsults Slot #6 ($401 -$450) badinsults Slot #7 ($451 - $500) JhonnyD Slot #8 ($501 - $550) famiconsumer Slot #9 ($551 - $600) famiconsumer Slot #10 ($601 - $650) Rajen17 Slot #11 ($651 - $700) Rajen17 Slot #12 ($701 - $750) Rajen17 Slot #13 ($751 - $800) Rajen17 Slot #14 ($801 - $850) Rajen17 Slot #15 ($851 - $900) Rajen17 Slot #16 ($901 - $950) jonphilmitch Slot #17 ($951 - $1000) perfinpuz Slot #18 ($1001 - $1050) sean Slot #19 ($1051 - $1100) sean Slot #20 ($1101 - $1150) sean Slot #21 ($1151 - $1200) sean Once Slot #21 is full, I will print off all names, put them in a hat and draw a name. Will post the video on Youtube and here!