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    Just received Vanguards Swatpro. It is in beautiful condition the pages are nice and crisp. It has all the inserts too! Its a shame i'll have too unbind it. Now if you excuse me I'll need to peel off the Electronics Boutique sticker on the cover.
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    I also donated; not as much since I now have to buy a heavy duty paper cutter. Thankfully my wife is a dork and likes organizing things, so she helped me sort the magazines by publication last night and started entering them into Excel for me. The work continues tonight!
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    Just an incredible mind boggling donation of magazines! This has to be the largest and most diverse magazine lot donation to date. This is also probably the largest migration of USA magazines to Canada in history Any help is appreciated in helping to offset this massive shipment of magazines. I have already pledged $100, and hopefully we can find 11 more members that can also do so. Anyone who pledges $100 or more will be moved to our Eternal Patron group. I am also thankful that E-day could receive these, as my wife would divorce me if this showed up at our doorstep