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    The Retromags website & Seedbox are backed up daily to my OneDrive and my NAS at home. They are then duplicated over to @E-days NAS in Canada. @Areala has a big fat hard drive that has all the Retromags releases on it as well. 90% of the releases are on 1337x's public torrent tracker, as well as out at a few private trackers. One of these days, I will float them all up to Newsgroups (Usenet) as well. Oh and places like The Eye are also mirroring the vast majority of our releases - https://the-eye.eu/public/Books/RetroMags/ Also the Magazine Database is backed up every 6 hours. We got so many backups, Juvenile is going to sing at our holiday party this year!
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    I kinda want to see how modern commercial Japanese OCR solutions deal with this kind of data. A quick search shows the leading products are Panasonic's 読取革命, NTT's eTypist and Sourcenext's 本格読取 (which uses Panasonic's engine). Prices range from about $50 to about $100, and they all promise modern intelligent OCR (i.e. one that uses some linguistic AI in addition to pure optics) as well as intelligent understanding of layout. The first two have demo versions available for download, but they're Windows only so I'll have to wait until I'm home to try them. In the meantime, I remembered app Google Translate has a manual OCR scanning mode where you can take a photo and help the engine by painting over sections of text. I tried it on the same Famitsu review from the other thread, super zoomed-in on my laptop screen. The OCR results are flawless. Sure, this is a very short text and it's fairly clear, but still, it's impressive.
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    Here are 343 issues of GAME MACHINE dating between 1974/08 to 1988/12. https://archive.org/details/game-machine Interesting issues: Mr. Yoshikazu Endo honors Special Issue (No. 72 May 15, 1977) Space Invaders boom heyday (No. 117 April 15, 1979) Video game machine Special Issue (No. 201 November 29, 1982) Thanks to the kind folks at ONION Software (of Hot Soup Processor fame) in Japan who shared them at: https://onitama.tv/gamemachine/archive.html All issues are already OCR'd from source. Bonus: outline summary of issues from 1997 to date: http://www.ampress.co.jp/backnumber.html
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    Thanks to a kind member of the Sharp MZ-700, MZ-800 Computers group on Facebook, who bought and scanned this. Oh! MZ Issue 28 (September 1984) https://archive.org/details/oh_mz_issue_28_september_1984 Reference: RetroMags database page edit: Have fixed wrong page-progression setting, waiting for new files to derive.