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    Sega Challenge Issue 1 (Winter 1988)
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    Retromags Presents! Sega Challenge Issue 001 (Winter 1988) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Team Sega Newsletter #7 (December 1989) has been updated.
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    So I rediscoved this site a few days ago and when I decided to jump in and register I found that I had done so back in 2017. Thinking back and dig through some old files it must have been when I was hunting done information on one of my favorite PlayStation Games, Wild Arms. Well fast forward to now and a cheap PS classic I found at a local pawn shop has rekindled my love for old games yet again. While my current obsession is PSX games I grewup as part of the Nintendo Generation so my inner child is Super Nintendo kid. Instead of just passing through here like last time I hope we can have some fun together and while I don't have something to contribute at the moment but I can at least help seed a torrent or two.
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    Sega 1988 Vendor Brochure Donated by CIVICMINDED.
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    Last month, member CIVICMINDED contacted us on Facebook asking if we'd accept a magazine donation. A massive magazine donation, spurred on by me getting the Fujitsu scanner. The massive donation turned out to be 577 pounds of magazines; 12 boxes. Thousands of dollars worth of magazines donated to the site for scanning. There is some really good stuff here. The first seven pictures are just from the first box I opened. I have inventoried four boxes worth of magazines, which so far is 326 magazines. The last picture shows the four boxes and all the rest of the stuff that needs to be inventoried surrounding them. An insane donation on its own. But on top of that, CIVICMINDED paid the $1,200 freight shipping to ship them across the border to Canada where I live. Needless to say, insanely generous and insanely expensive. As such, we would like to start a small donation drive to help offset some of the cost that CIVICMINDED paid in shipping. So if you're able to help out by donating to help cover the shipping, even a bit, please do. UPDATE: Phillyman is sweetening the deal, for every $50 donated you will be entered in a chance to win either a Super NT or Mega SG console. Read more below -
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    Contents: A Message from the Challenge Team Commander Sega Spotlight Meet Steve Hanawa, a real Sega expert Special "Challenge" Review Out Run hits the streets! How many of our 38 games do you own? Check them off on our Sega Checklist Master our Feature Games with Advice from the Experts In this issue, we preview Alec Kidd in Miracle World, Rambo and Black Belt Tips from the Team Sega Challengers give you their own special techniques SegaScope 3-D Discover the fantastic world of Sega's 3-D technology Help your friends become Sega Team Members Can you beat the Sega Top 5? Compare your best scores to the Sega Top 5 Scoreboard Send us your highest score! What would you like to see in future "Challenge" issues? Have a question? Call our Sega Hotline! Challenge the Sega Master! The Sega Master answers your questions Order your favorite Sega games and accessories! The Sega order form shows you how!