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    Ah, Hidinger, I fear that we are a dying breed that remembers copy protection being the sort that required the manual or some other pack in to advance in the game (remember The Enchanter from Infocom? You had what, a sun dial, pinwheel and some other things in the box and the game would ask for something from one of those as a character so it was believable?). I agree though with Hidinger on his other points too, the manual should be of the same time period. I remember the Alternate Reality: The Dungeon manual for Commodore (not sure on other versions as this was the ony version I played new) it's manual used the same typeface as the game, same dialogue and all. It had all kinds of details on monsters and weapons and even pages for some of the stores and guilds with a place to write prices of stuff in (and extra spaces for things they might sell that weren't listed). It was really cool.
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    My Retro game console collection isn't what it used to be. I've still got an old Brick model Game Boy, and a NES and a Genesis which I can't hook up to my TV because I don't have the right cables. I'm strongly considering getting the NES/SNES combo unit that's on ThinkGeek - as that one's got Composite and S-Video hookups.
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    I agree with this statement if you're planning on buying movies you already have dvds of. I made that mistake with The Last Samurai and really didn't notice that much of a difference between the Blu and DVD. However, if it's a movie that I don't already have, I'll opt for the Blu-Ray version. And, if you buy off ebay, amazon, or wait till Deep Discount has one of their sales, Blu's aren't that much more than reg dvds. Just don't go to retail. Target is the only place I've found decent deals at.
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    Given how nicely the PS3 will upscale a normal DVD, and given that half the films you named aren't available in high-def yet, Blu-Ray is really not all that wise of an investment in my book. Save yourself $15-20 per film, buy the DVDs instead, and put the money you save towards Fallout 3, Oblivion, Bioshock, Dead Space, Mirror's Edge, inFAMOUS, Prototype, Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance II, or any other PS3 title that you've been dying to play. *huggles* Areala
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    No. Listening to the same song 320 mp3 and a flac file, I can tell the difference. And that is only on $70 Logitech speakers. They sound even worse on my $200 home theatre in a box. And once I connect new home theatre...well, I'm afraid. So I started buying CDs again, and will probably ripping them into wavs, as well as decompressing the flac and ape files I have. If DVD Audio was more popular, or even SACD, I wouldn't even download mp3s anymore. Though for my mp3 player, they work just fine
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    That is when I will stop buying new music. mp3s don't go higher than 320, and if you have a half decent sound system, it's simply not good enough. I can't really tell the difference between 192, 256, and 320. But between all of those and flac/ape/wav, I can definitely tell.
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    What are you listening to your music on? I am not into techno electro music; anytime I have heard it, it has sounded distorted to me to begin with, probably because of the volume. I guess encoding all depends on the type of music. For the stuff I listen to (which never EVER includes Celine Dion!), mp3s leave something to be desired.
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    That site is hilarious. Anything using meat as a bun is funny. As are some other ideas, like a brioche bun with cotton candy filling. Who comes up with these crazy ideas? Bacon Crust Pizza With Bacon! Too funny!
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    The US is only the 9th fattest country in the world. But it's based on BMI, and BMI is bullshit (see Penn & Peller's Bullshit!, Season 5, episode 1 for more info on BMI). Not to mention that hoarding calories is what the human body is designed to do. Not to mention that being overweight or obese doesn't necessarily mean you are not healthy. For some people, because of genetics and such, being overweight is a healthy state for them, often more healthy for them in particular than if they were not overweight. As long as you exercise, you can be healthy without being your ideal body weight. Often, people who are overweight/obese that exercise (walking, jogging, working out, etc) are healthier than the skinny guy who doesn't exercise.
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    /insert MASTER OF POINTING OUT THE OBVIOUS THAT ISN'T OBVIOUS ENOUGH.gif Anyway, it's been years since I bought EGM myself as they took quite the turn for the worst somewhere after the DC died. Kept buying it for a while hoping it would return to it's former glory but it just got worse and worse and worse. I hope Steve can put together a great team that doesn't resemble today's wannabe "hardcore gamers" but respects every single platform out there and actually understands them, without having a preconceived opinion on it, if you know what I mean. pssssssst E-Day, I think the I was hinting at the Wii there, just to make sure everyone was on the same page.
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