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    Howdy. I'm cubeboy from Minnesota US. I've known about this site since it started, but haven't really registered because I'm lazy. I'm a big fan of classic games and consider myself a collector. I own 15 video game consoles including the Turbo Duo, Virtual Boy, Sega CD and many others. I also own an old Street Fighter The Movie Arcade cabinet that has been modded to work with a PC. I try to collect the box and manual for most of the games I own and even have some Atari box covers and manuals that I'll see if I can scan in sometime this school year. Now that I'm done bragging I hope to stick around here and help out when I can. So this site seems like a natural fit, minus the big sigs below some members posts.
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    I'd love to help out with the ads. Aside from what we've got in the already scanned mags, I've got tons of old comics that I think has some ads not featured in gaming mags that I can scan....
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    I make no gaurantees as to how many and when because I scan in phases when my time is optimal but I will be a dedicated scanner on the grounds that any scans I do, I will not be barred in any way if I also post them on outofpringarchive or give them permission to use my scans. I'm in it for the love of the games and I'm hoping we can overcome our pride and egos to establish a proper sanctuary for these mags. It doesn't matter the site or the means, we shouldn't lose touch as to why we're all here doing this.
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    Well whatever you guys think it's best.
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    Count me in as a scanner for sure. I too contribute scans to another site so am very happy with Phillyman's openess regarding making them available elsewhere. I am on Underground-Gamer so if I can get my head around making torrents I could probably help out with uploading of our mags over there. Or with seeding etc ...