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    There was a UK magazine called "PC Games", but I don't think it's connected to the US one. It was published by EMAP. I've got 5 issues and I think there was only 13 before it closed. If I'm correct that there's only 13 it ran from Jun 1994 to Aug 1995. I believe there's a separate one launched in 1998 by Paragon Publishing as well, but I've not seen/got any of them. http://magazinesfromthepast.wikia.com/wiki/File:PC_Games_Issue_1.jpg
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    It's great these are getting scanned. I'm sure someone would have eventually donated or scanned these. But the last batch of magazines it is kind of lucky that I got to them. I guess earlier I. The year it started with all the magazines at my current house in Hawaii. I decided to sell them off. But I had known about this site and used it very occasionally. So I took all my Magazines that were not preserved and sent them off to Eday (Mostly 1995 and later EGM and some various other stuff,) and John Smith, (Next generation, nearly a complete set. Between what He had already Aquarius and the 20 or so I sent home that magazine will eventually be completely scanned all issues. As I had all the missing issues he didn't.) But it was nagging me that I had a lot of stuff at my parents house starting from 1988. I had when I was a teenager purchased most magazines for consoles available at the time all the up to about 1993. And I had the foresight to take care of them. But when I moved out after graduating high school I never did take them back. Now my Father was pretty good about saving things but something like that I wasn't sure. And he was kind of a pack rat so I don't know how much room they had at their house. Having not really thought about it before I decided when I visited I would try and recover some of those too. But there was no telling when I was going to go back to California. Well I had in August called and took moment to inquire if my parents still had them and my Dad said he couldn't remember. Unfortunate my Fathers battle with cancer took a turn for the the worse. I took an emergency trip put to see him before him he past away last November. While I was there I took a few weeks to help my Mom clean some stuff out and sort through the side yard. My main goal wasn't to find my magazines, but If I did so be it. In anycase the previous year apparently my Dad had packed up a lot of my old stuff and stored it outside in the side yard uncovered. Along with a lot of his and my momks stuff that had overflowed from the house. So in cleaning out the side yard I found a white garbage bag with magazines directly on the dirt. When I opened it, it was a large portion of my old gaming mags. When I lifted it up the bag came right off as the bottom had already rotted out. Luckily only the bottom 3 or 4 issues had rotted out from water damage and insects. The rest, while being in really good condition, were only a little dusty. Most of the destroyed issues were Gamepros. But I had found the rest were a treasure trove. Like the very first EGM zero that I scanned in, and Gamepro #1. Included in that pile was all of these Gameplayers that you see getting scanned now. So I took very thing the site was missing and sent them off to E-Day since he generously offered to scan them. Including some bagged EGM copies that had arrived in the mail after I moved out. Also including all these great issues E-Day has been scanning here. The thing is that, had I not found them then, I think they would not have survived the Winter with the rain they have had from those major storms. And all of them would have been lost. Now I'm sure eventually someone would obtain and scan them. But you can thank my wife for pushing me to clean out my own stuff, and my Dad for hanging on to these, and the weird twists of fate in life that got out me out there just in time before they were ruined. I still believe I have another box of stuff as there were some I was missing, like all my early EGM's and Sega Cahllenge newsletters. And my run of VG & CE. I wasn't able to locate those that trip. But at least I know they are not outside and will have a better chance of being in good condition in the future. I let my mom know I was looking for them so she will set them aside. Just thought I would share were these game players came from and what had to happen to get them preserved in perpetuity (hopefully) here.