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    "Anyone who edits 1 magazine will earn a 1 Year Patron Status, if you edit 3 magazines you will get a Lifetime Patron Status! If you've ever wanted to contribute to Retromags but don't have any money, magazines, or scanning equipment, this is your chance! Editing can be simple or complex work, depending on how good you want the final result to be, but the results can be rewarding, especially if you're able to create a seamless double-page spread that, because of the ways magazines are glued, has never been seen before. One thing's for sure, it almost always ends up taking longer than I plan, so I often upload unedited scans to pass this part of the process along to others. Each page has been carefully separated with a heat gun so the entire page could be scanned, including the covers and the spines. Enough content is there to edit together some nice looking double-page spreads, if you like, but that is not necessary to upload to Retromags. Basically they need to be cropped and straightened. You may also want to adjust the contrast or white point. Last year I tried uploading unedited scans, but it was complicated by the fact that some pages would be "glitched" and I wouldn't notice it until after I uploaded, requiring a rescan. I'm using different software now where that shouldn't happen at all. The main thing for me is to make sure that no scans get through with an abundance of vertical lines resulting from bits of dust, debris, and glue that deposit on the scanner glass, in which case I need to clean the glass and rescan, which happens often. When it affects many pages at once or is very obvious, I will do a rescan before uploading, but sometimes I don't notice when it happens to one or two pages and these will get through. Most of the time they can be edited out by selecting the lines and a doing a content-aware fill in the Photoshop or just using a clone-stamp. Please try this before asking me for a rescan because I will have moved on to other projects. Here is a list of my unedited scans so far. It will be updated as I scan more or people make edited versions. Game Players and Ultra Game Players: http://archive.org/details/UneditedGPScans These were donated by aloram Large format UK magazines including 64 Magazine, CDi Magazine, MegaTech, PC Review, Sega Force, Sega Pro, and SuperPlay: https://archive.org/details/UneditedUK_marktrade All of these were donated by Phillyman except the issue of PC Review which was donated by me. PC Gamer (USA): https://archive.org/details/UneditedPCGamer_marktrade Donated by me PLAY magazine (USA): https://archive.org/details/UneditedPLAY_marktrade Donated by me Please use this thread to coordinate, ask questions, or even to post your own unedited scans for others to edit. Personally I don't think there's much danger of two people editing the same thing at once because people are not exactly clamoring to do this sort of work, and it is work. Thank you for your help. More to come!
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    I'm not disagreeing that Nintendo is unlikely to disappear anytime soon, but a lack of experience was not the cause of Sega's problems. Sega has been making games since 1940. Nintendo had existed before that, sure, but they didn't get involved with any kinds of games outside of playing cards until 1966. So even if we pretend that Sega ceased to exist at the end of the Dreamcast era and discount all of the games they've made since dropping out of the hardware business, Sega still has more years of experience in the games market than Nintendo does. Just sayin'.
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    Haha, sorry bud... having an arcade unit in my own home has been a dream of mine for a long while now. Probably since a kid I went to school with, his dad had one in their basement. You forgot about TMNT though, both arcade games were also 4-player. That's kinda what I am aiming for. Some nice options out there, but a bit spendy. THAT... IS... AWESOME. Friend of mine up here sent me some info on a motion platform, this particular one was a very serious piece of equipment, used for simulation. Think along the lines of iRacer, or other PC sim racing games. Have a spinout, YOU have a spinout, because the entire platform rotates, apparently quite fast. I'd really love to have one, but between the size, weight, and cost, it's not exactly something you would have in the house. That said, I'm in the process of building an old Supra, so my own reality isn't too far from what the guys were doing by Fourth Stage in Initial D... Hey, beat me to it, I was gonna mention that after the M2 prototypes were mentioned above.
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    I got something that actually falls into the use of that term. The Nintendo Playstation prototype. There is no way in hell I'm ever going to get my hands on it but damn that would be a cool one of a kind item to have.
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    Oops, forgot to change that bit of the post. It's fixed now