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    Retromags Presents! Electronic Entertainment 03 March 1994 Retromags Database Entry Download from Retromags Download from The Internet Archive
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    These were all the same magazine, they kept sequentially numbering them through to Dorimaga at least (and I would guess continued with Gemaga). Beep Beep! Mega Drive Sega Saturn Magazine Dreamcast Magazine Dorimaga Gemaga 1984~2012 RIP I think that the first one or two issues of Sega Saturn Magazines were supplements of Beep! Mega Drive.
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    Sweet !!!!!!!!! Love Electronic entertainment . thank you for providing this amazing series. keep up the good work
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    ok cool, thx for the info. Lets see what i can dig out!
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    If you look in the Gamepro database, under the title and issue number for each issue is a status marker. It may say "preserved," meaning it is available for download, or it may say "scanning" or "editing" meaning it is in the process of being added to the site. If it says "not allowed," then it can't be added to the site, usually because of our cut-off date, but sometimes because the publisher has requested that we not share their magazines. For the GamePro issues from Jan 2002- Dec.2006, it will say either "missing" or "acquired". "Acquired" means that one of our scanners owns that magazine, and it may (someday) be scanned and added to the site (although not all of our scanners mark the mags they own). "Missing" means that either no one owns it, or those who do have no plans to scan it anytime soon. So the lack of GamePro post-2001 is simply because no one has scanned any of those issues yet. If you'd like to contribute, you're welcome to scan any of the issues up through Dec. 2006. We have very few people actually doing the work of contributing scans to the site, so we'd greatly appreciate the help!