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    So as I have mentioned in the past, these individual databases can be chained together thru relational fields. I am thinking about creating an Master Database that would act as a searchable index for information. Lets take one of @kitsunebi77 recent releases..... On page 79 is a review for "The 7th Guest" by T. Liam McDonald However there is no easy way to figure that out on Retromags. No one has yet to jot down on the content page within the Magazine DB, but even if they did, we are very limited in gathering the information we need. What if we had a indexing database, that a user could go to and enter in those few pieces of information. Game Title Magazine Issue Page Number Type of Page (review, cheat, preview, interview) Person The Game Title and Magazine Issue fields would be tied to their respective databases, so as you type "The 7..." the fields would present matching records from those databases. With all of that data in 1 centralized location, a user could go and filter down results Show me all Interviews in GamePro Magazine Show me all prototype mentions in 1995 Show me all reviews for Super Mario Kart Of course this is only the first piece of the puzzle I need to work thru. We should also be able to chain the Video Game Database to the Strategy Guide Database.....we just would create a new field called "Strategy Guides" in the Video Game DB, and have that field chain back to a field on the Strategy Guide side called "Games in this Guide". Other chains could be.... People Database to the publications they worked on Book Database to the Video Games they mention Anyhow I don't own a whiteboard, but I am sketching up a rough draft in paint
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    marktrade's raw scans of Play issue 18 get the Kiwi treatment ......
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    Retromags Presents! Tomb Raider Hint Book 1997 Download Directly!
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    Retromags Presents! PlayStation Magazine Issue 106 September 3, 1999 Download Directly!
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