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    Systems Covered: Nintendo Entertainment System Features: Wrestlemania Sesame Street 1.2.3 Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Skate or Die Counselors Corner: Marble Madness Operation Wolf John Elways QB N.F.L. Football Tecmo Bowl Metal Gear Now Playing: Super Mario Bros. 2 Golgo 13 Wizards & Warriors Legend of Zelda Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest Classified Information: Double Dragon Mega Man Life Force Gauntlet Blaster Master Bionic Commando Track & Field II Video Shorts: Friday the 13th World Games Star Soldier Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bump’n Jump Rampage Othello RoboWarrior Spy vs. Spy Gyruss QBert Pak Watch – Upcoming Games List Challenge Pebble Beach Gyruss Operation Wolf QBert Tecmo Baseball Bomberman Rock & Roller (Controller) Sesame Street 123 Star Soldier World Games Wrestlemania Friday the 13th Tecmo Bowl Track & Field II California Games Fist of the North Star Mappyland Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Marble Madness Robocop The Legacy of the Wizard Ultima Price is Right Star Trek Adventures of Bayou Billy Airwolf Bad Dudes Chesterfield Defender of the Crown Empire City 1931 Hollywood Squares Hoops John Elway’s Quarterback KnighRider Mask Rider Mystery Quest NFL Football Nightmare on Elm St. Ninja Gaiden One-On-One Sesame Street ABC Spy vs. Spy II / Mad Island Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Terra Cresta Tetris The Battlefields of Napoleon The Guardian Legend Wheel of Fortune Jr. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Amagon Faxanadu Pro Basketball Magic Johnson’s Fast Break Cobra Triangle Pinbot Trick Shooting Jump Burger