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    I can only assume that it was fake, I mean why not show me the source of those conversations? Why not include me? There were always these conversations happening that I of all people was excluded from......just seems fishy to me. As I stated above, I need proof to remove anything further from Retromags. A simple email from SMiyamoto@mail.ru is not gonna cut it, nor is a tweet from anything but an officially recognized company account. I pulled the Game Informers just because a single employee tweeted at us. But to be honest, I have a job that is on my mind for 55 hours a week, I have a wife and daughter, I have friends and family, I have hobbies.......Retromags does take a priority in there somewhere, but then within the Retromags stuff that I need to concern myself with, the "possibly" of reinstating Game Informer/GameFan is really really really (insert some more really s) low on my list of things to do/think about. It's honestly the worst part of running Retromags, is enforcing rules and standards. I have had this battle since Day 1! Back in 2005 I had KMFDManic and Fusoya wanting to only share magazines with people who contributed. Then I had those two guys telling me that scanning the advertisements inside of the magazines was a waste of time and that if I wanted them to contribute to Retromags, that I had to accept that. So yeah, sometimes people will leave when they disagree with us. This is a god damn hobby website, we have very few rules and restrictions. If I go onto Wikipedia and start creating crappy pages of content and some moderator over there deletes them.....I have three choices.....elevate my contributions, don't contribute....or start my own Wikipedia. Every project worth its salt has quality checks, doesn't matter what it is.....could be coding emulators, dumping roms, scanning manuals, subtitling Anime episodes, fixing up manga scans......sure the easier way would to just accept anything in any quality.....but Crooked-Uncropped-Mags.com is a mouthful .....but it is available from Godaddy for $21 if anyone wants it! By no means am I asking anyone to spend months or years touching up a magazine and redoing it until it is immaculate, but if we are going to ask users to download and spread our releases.....should there not be some level of quality that we will not accept?