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    So it begins, I gave my first shot at scanning something. I opted for 600 dpi because why not :). Jpgs shouldn't be compressed. Let me have your impressions. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1slyRLhCIBSCxvdxac3SW48Phkjk_JhEC I'm using the scansnap utility and it looks like it generates pdf and then extract the pages as single images. Is there any option to make it output jpgs natively? Later I'll upload it to archive.org and from there anyone would be allowed to edit/reupload it as they please
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    it is very well this initiative that scanner of old magazine japanese thank you
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    My goal is to find all 20 issues of Pocket Games and get them to Phillman for scanning. I got 1-14 from a guy on ebay after he gave me a decent deal. Those are what Phillman is scanning now. I'm keeping an eye out for the remaining issues. I was pissed to miss one of them recently. They don't pop up often.
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    A taste of the next 100 magazines to be scanned (50 out of 100)...more details this weekend