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    Welcome Phillyman's 100 March 2019 Scans! These will be scans 102 thru 201 I tried to keep them to packs of 10, but threw in some fillers where I couldn't find a tenth magazine.
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    Yessss! More Lara Croft! More PSM! I am a happy Warrior Nun. *huggles* Areala
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    Nice selection you've got there! I think I own this one issue of PSM where they outlined a hypothetical RPG that defied the cliches of the time and they had art of this one character who healed people by doing live surgery on them. Eeeyuck. I think it was around late 2002 since it had a bunch of stuff on the first SOCOM. Got it from my dentist's office of all places. Also looking forward to the NPs being complete because you guys are the only scanners of it anywhere who keep the posters (which have important stuff on the side of them, nice design choice people who made the magazine )!
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    My goal is to find all 20 issues of Pocket Games and get them to Phillman for scanning. I got 1-14 from a guy on ebay after he gave me a decent deal. Those are what Phillman is scanning now. I'm keeping an eye out for the remaining issues. I was pissed to miss one of them recently. They don't pop up often.
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    A taste of the next 100 magazines to be scanned (50 out of 100)...more details this weekend
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    101 Magazines Scanned In February 2019 Scans 96-101
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    Man GamePros are a time suck with all the inserts, fold outs, posters, comics, trading cards and whatever else they could throw in that mag. One of the GamePros I picked out to scan was too damaged, so I had to throw an EGM2 in the mix to hit my numbers Anywho, I am now up to 95 magazines for February 2019 Scans 84-95
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    Picked this weekends workload, this will finish out my 100 for February and then I can start prepping out the next 100 for March!
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    In the home stretch now, up to 83 magazines.....will start poking around piles of magazines for 17 candidates for next weekend to close out my February goal of 100 magazines scanned 2019 Scans 69-83 Also lets check out the counter on my Fujitsu
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    Scans #54 thru #68 were done today, and tomorrow I will aim to end the day at over 80 magazines scanned for February. I noticed that I am actually running out of preprepped magazines from that initial 100 post in this thread. So in order to hit my goal of 100 magazines scanned this month, I will need to grab some other magazines and prep them out for tomorrow and next week. 2019 Scans 54-68
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    And today we pass the 50% mark of my 100 scan goal for February 2019 Scans 33-53