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    Bahamut Senki (Record of Bahamut War) is a tactical RPG developed and published by Sega for the Mega Drive in 1991. Here's the full-color guide, just for you. https://archive.org/details/BahamutSenkiRecordOfBahamutWarOfficialGuideBook
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    So here are 4 scans i have done this past week. First one is the Gamepro Greatest Strategies for fall/winter 2003. (This is the Vice City guide from gamepro someone was looking for here). The other 3 magazines are PC Computing. You will have to wait on 1993-11 issue cause its very damage. https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i9 https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i10 https://archive.org/details/pc-computing-magazine-v6i12 I hope this is very help to you guys.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Compute! Issue 077 Vol. 8 No. 10 (October 1986)