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    Happy Birthday! Here's a guide to 1985's Xanadu (Dragon Slayer II) from Nihon Falcom, which to this day is still the best-selling computer RPG of all time in Japan. https://archive.org/details/XanaduDatabookVol.1
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    Yeah Vuescan should work for that, only thing I noticed at least with my Fujitsu ADF is I couldn't really get it to auto size and crop anything well. But that could differ per model, I did love how it got me an actual RAW Scan with no compression.
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    Yeah, I'm the opposite. In a way, I find video games to be the least interesting part of video game magazines. I'm more interested in the news articles, and editorial content like feature articles and reviews. Anything that's just matter-of-fact discussion or depiction of a game's contents like previews or strategy sections is something that I don't even look at. So although I used to have a "download everything under the sun" philosophy, I've since come to realize that full-on strategy guides are something I have zero interest in having in my collection, so I'm uploading them to the Internet Archive and then deleting them from my hard drive.