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    This supplement focuses exclusively on bishoujo games for the PS2 and PlayStation. このスキャンは皆のために作ったので、ぜひダウンロードをして、友達に伝いて、楽しんでください!もしほかのところでこのスキャンを分け合ったら、そこで「このファイルはRetromagsからで、そこでタダでダウンロードすることできる」と伝いて下さい。雑誌電子化は皆のために。よろしくお願いします! This scan was made for everyone, so please download it, share it with your friends and enjoy! If you share this scan elsewhere, please say that the file came from Retromags, where anyone can download it for free. Magazine preservation is for everyone. Thank you!
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    GamePro Issue 186 (March 2004)
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    FEATURES Hollywood Style Bits and Bytes Whiz Kids' Executive Producer Phil DeGuere takes you behind-the-scenes of his hit TV show. The Art Side Of Video Games The wave of the future: An artistic view of "Moondust" and "Lifespan". Harry Williams A last tribute to a coin-op legend. SPECIAL SECTION Blasting Into the Laser Disc Age! A look at the latest entries: Cliff Hanger and Pitchman Beating The Coin-Ops Tips and strategies for the latest arcade games. The Untold History of Video Games Discovering the true beginnings and some revealing facts. DEPARTMENTS HYPERSPACE Insights into the issue at hand. DOUBLE SPEAK VIDEO GAMES' readers speak out. BLIPS Wizardry wonders, video games blues, world champs go for the gold, dialing for dollars, a TKO before the starting bell. HARD SELL The Commodore 64: A computer for all ages. COIN-OP SHOP Paying the price for excellence: Cliff Hanger, M.A.C.H. 3, Aztarac and more. FLIP SIDE Changing Times: Centaur II and Rack 'Em Up. SOFT SPOT The sleeping giant awakens: Robot Tank, Happy Trails, Battlezone, Pole Position, Super Cobra and more. COMPUTER CORNER A giant leap ahead for computer games: Cannonball Blitz, Astro Chase, and more. GAME EFFORTS Some gift-giving wonders: Table-tops, hand-helds and dual-screen games. STATS