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    Have you SEEN the covers on old issues of Game Player's and GamePro? It was a baloney sandwich on white bread.
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Game Boy Games Vol. 1 No. 1 (Summer 1990)
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    I'm uploading the two Mega Play issues to your folder on the QNAP. I'm also uploading the Photoshop action I use for that flatbed scanner. On my monitor the results look good, but feel free to tweak it to suit your liking. It's set up so that once you have a page all nice and straight and cropped, you hit the F3 key, and it will save a cropped version, then it will do the colour corrections, resize the picture from 600 dpi to 300 dpi at a height of 3240 (full size), save a JPG copy of that in a folder called Full, then is sizes down to a height of 2200 and saves a JPG copy of that to a folder called 2200. Then it closes the image. I save two versions in case one day we decide to go with full size scans; that way we have a bunch ready to go. When you're done you can release them, but leave the finished cbz files and all the images in your folder. I will download them and back them up as I normally do, syncing them between my QNAP and the Retromags one. The uploading might take a while as each scan is a 600DPI TIF file at around 100MB each. The Mega Play issues each have 68 pages and the two above mentioned folders with the proper sized thank you pages in them. If you see all that for one issue that means it should all be uploaded.
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    Yes, but what type of sandwich? Ham and cheese... At least throw a cup of coffee in the menu. Cheap bastards! HaHa...‼
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    That's because they just stole the box art from the game instead of hiring an artist out of the yellow pages for the low low price of $19.99 and a sandwich.
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