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    Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Issue 023 (August 1999)
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    Saturn Plus Issue 04 (October-November 1996) Scanned By: GameMags1957
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    Saturn Plus Issue 05 (December 1996-January 1997) Scanned By: GameMags1957
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    Departments: Editorial (Kraig Kujama wants you to know how seriously companies like LucasArts and Disney take their licensed games) Letters (If you write them, we will answer them) News (What's up with what's going down in Sony-land) Coming Soon (Release dates galore, most of which are going to be wrong) Review Recap (Just cuz you missed an issue doesn't mean you have to miss the reviews!) g.e.a.r. (Clean/buff those discs back into shape with a GameDoctor, and enjoy a home theater experience which won't break the bank) Demo Disc (Get an early look at Jade Cocoon, Macross VF-X 2, You Don't Know Jack, Ultimate 8-Ball, 3Xtreme, Tiny Tank, and, oh yeah, a little-known game called Final Fantasy VIII) Next Month (Final Fantasy and Football collide, along with on-disc demos for Um Jammer Lammy, Chocobo Racing, Pong, Sled Storm, and more) Features: Lord of the Console (Disney's Tarzan is coming to the PS1. See what makes it stand out from the pack!) Medal of Honor (The Saving Private Ryan of video games is here, and OPM has a first-hand look at it!) Ape Escape Strategy (Keep the dang dirty apes under control with this massive guide) Metal Gear Missions (No new Metal Gear Solid games are on the horizon, but you can keep your skills honed with the new VR MIssions disc) Previews: NCAA GameBreaker 2000 NCAA Football 2000 Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman Sled Storm Too Human (cancelled for PlayStation; eventually released in 2008 for Xbox One!) Juggernaut Suikoden II Demolition Racer Omega Boost Medal of Honor Thrasher: Skate and Destroy Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael Kingsley (released as Kingsley's Adventure) R/C Stunt Coptor Re-Volt Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (released as Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete) Hot Shots Golf 2 WCW Mayhem Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Boom Bots (released as Boombots) Bass Rise Sheep NHL FaceOff 2000 Rat Attack! Tomba 2 Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition Macross VF-X 2 Jet Moto 3 Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions Supercross 2000 The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Countdown Vampires Silent Bomber International Previews: Final Fantasy IX(?) Rival Schools 2 Dew Prism Wild Arms 2nd Ignition Torneco's Great Adventure 2 Jojo's Venture Simple 1500 Series Reviews: Jade Cocoon: Legend of the Tamamayu (3.5/5) Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time (3.5/5) R-Type Delta (4.5/5) Echo Night (3/5) Konami Arcade Classics (2.5/5) Chessmaster II (3.5/5) Chocobo Racing (3/5) Alexi Lalas International Soccer (1/5) Tricks of the Trade: Army Men 3-D Contender Invasion From Beyond Marvel Super Heros vs. Street Fighter Street Fighter Alpha 3 Need For Speed: High Stakes Syphon Filter MLB 2000 Rushdown Fisherman's Bait Moto Racer Rally Cross 2 T'ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger WCW/nWo Thunder 3Xtreme Uprising X Grand Theft Auto Hello Kitty: Cube Frenzy Triple Play 2000 Ads (in order of appearance): Ape Escape Hot Wheels Turbo Racing Championship Motocross featuring Ricky Carmichael Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine ad Centipede Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver Star Ocean: The Second Story Final Fantasy VIII "Win A 2000 Toyota Echo" ad Grand Theft Auto: The Director's Cut Sled Storm WWF Attitude Bloody Roar II Dino Crisis Marc Ecko fashion ad Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete The Next Tetris Army Men: Sarge's Heroes / Army Men: Air Attack Thrasher: Skate and Destroy / Grand Theft Auto 2 Shadow Man Chocobo Racing GameDealer.com ad Legend of Legaia Driver Um Jammer Lammy PowerGames gaming event tour Target stores NCAA Football 2000 G-Police: Weapons of Justice Wipeout 3 Mixx-zine comic magazine Pocket Games magazine ad 1-900-PRE-VIEW hotline Expert Gamer magazine ad NFL Blitz 2000 Eidos Games ad - Gex 3: Enter the Gecko / Tomb Raider I and II Greatest Hits / Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver / Urban Chaos / Omikron: The Nomad Soul Interesting Stuff: OPM's "Letter of the Month" from Michelle PInda (sic) of Elkhart, Indiana takes the 'zine to task for a humour-themed article they ran in their June 1999 issue which encouraged kids to "Make their own Resident Evil 3" by destroying everyday household objects and setting them on fire. The "News" section reprints a condensed version of an article which ran originally in the Chicago Sun Times, penned by the late Roger Ebert, where he interviews George Lucas about the director's enthusiasm for the forthcoming PlayStation 2. Freshly-minted Lara Croft live model Lara Weller apparently ran away from a horde of slavering fanboys at this year's E3. How well-received was Rayman, one of the PlayStation's US launch titles? Well, in May 1999, over four years after the system's launch, it was the 18th best-selling game for the console, and up from 19th place the month before. That's some serious staying power! Reviewer and former Editor-in-Chief Wataru Maruyama won the Agetec Fighter Maker contest at E3.
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    Retromags Presents! Saturn Plus 04 & 05 Issue 04 Issue 05 Database Record Database Record Download Directly! Download Directly! Scanned By: GameMags1957 Edited By: MigJmz Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!
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    Retromags Presents! Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine Issue 023 (August 1999) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: E-Day    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day    Donated By: CIVICMINDED Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Age of Empires: Gold Edition combines the real-time strategy game Age of Empires with its expansion pack, The Rise of Rome. It was developed by Ensemble Studios and published by Microsoft for Windows PCs in 1999.
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