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  1. 212 downloads

    Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 238 (Spring 2010)
    7 points
  2. 79 downloads

    Title: Beckett Pokémon Collector Issue 3 Month: November Year: 1999 Publisher: Editor: Pages: 80 Price: $3.99/$5.99 Canada Country: United States Language: English Votes: 0
    4 points
  3. 69 downloads

    GB Action Issue 11 (April 1993) Scanned By: Delphinus48
    3 points
  4. 277 downloads

    PSM Issue 111 (June 2006)
    2 points
  5. Message me if you need any help. I can recommend you software to use.
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  6. I appreciate the feedback. I'll have to figure out how to do all that, because I have no clue. Thanks for the advice, MigJmz.
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  7. alright i clean this up a bit and uploaded to the server. Other pointers I would give you is scan these mags at a higher resolution and DPI. When fixing the crookedness the images became blurry as hell because its scan at a low res. We take up to 3240px. Also save in .JPG at a 9 quality (or 95%)
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  8. Well first the file needs to be in cbr/cbz format (You uploaded it in a zip!) also it has to be renamed to Beckett Pokémon Collector Issue 3 (November 1999) Since its not a debind scan the pages need to be edited and skewed. Filing this one under Re-scan needed. Other than that good job!
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  9. If anyone has tips on how I can do better on future issues, please tell me. I know I messed some things up but I would really like to learn from them so I can contribute more here!
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