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  1. 97 downloads

    @Gamer Issue 03 (October 2010)
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  2. 155 downloads

    Computer Game Review and CD-ROM Entertainment Issue 29 (December 1993)
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  3. 68 downloads

    Play Online No.016 (October 1999)
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  4. 70 downloads

    Play Online No.015 (September 1999)
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  5. Version 1.0.0


    The supplement included with this issue can be downloaded HERE. The demo disc included with this issue can be downloaded HERE.
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  6. Retromags Presents! Computer Game Review and CD-ROM Entertainment Issue 29 (December 1993) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: TheRedEye    Edited By: MigJmz    Follow us on...                         
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  7. Version 1.0.0


    Supplement included with Comptiq No.257 (May 2003)
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  8. Retromags Presents! Play Online No.016 (October 1999) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi    Edited By: kitsunebi    Uploaded By: kitsunebi    Follow us on...                         
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  9. Yes! God bless Best Buy retail stores having their very own gamming magazine to tell me what to buy... until they stop carrying physical games (haha). Thanks matrixman for the donation, I dont know if these were ever on regular newsstands, so finding them is hard. Plus, another great scanning and editing job by dablais. I said in my comment on Issue #1 that this team seems to love games and they worked hard on this magazine. Sure, Best Buy produced the mag for their stores, and their logo shows up several times in each issue, but it never feels like they mandated the team in what to say -- you see plenty on low review scores. You can see an example of the in-magazine coupons you would find in each issue between pages 32 and 33 on the magazine (page 35/36 in the document). These were exclusive to each mag.
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  10. Hey all, With the official announcement of the death of E3 (The Electronic Entertainment Expo), the once premiere industry event for showcasing all the newest games and gaming hardware, I wanted to see if the community has any memories of the Expo, be it attending in person, reading about it, watching videos about it. Bonus points if you have any brochures, exhibit guides, or anything that could be uploaded to the site to chronicle the event in all its glory. For my part, I never got to attend, but I remember subscribing to PlayStation Underground CDs (I still have them) and watching videos about the event, all the previews of new games, and even how the event was set up. Like many of you here, I poured over GamePro and EGM with their special pieces on the event each year, catching glimpses of screenshots from upcoming games. I eventually studied computer science in the hopes of becoming a game dev, my lifelong dream to be up on stage at E3 presenting my creation. Unfortunately those dreams never materialized and were finally dashed today, but I hope that the memories of others, whether they be in the form of magazines on this site, videos, or anything else continue to persist for years to come. The pageantry and spectacle will be missed.
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  11. 78 downloads

    Protoculture Addicts 21 (January-February 1993)
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  12. 267 downloads

    PSM Issue 067 (January 2003)
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  13. Retromags Presents! Yokohama Beer Magazine Vol.1 September 2012  Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi Edited By: kitsunebi Uploaded By: kitsunebi
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  14. 201 downloads

    VideoGames & Computer Entertainment Issue 49 (February 1993)
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  15. 432 downloads

    Video Games & Computer Entertainment Issue 17 (June 1990)
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  17. 1 point
  18. 260 downloads

    Dead or Alive Ultimate & Fable
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  19. 246 downloads

    GTA San Andreas
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  20. 234 downloads

    Massive Attack
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  21. 237 downloads

    Kingdom Hearts
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  23. 237 downloads

    Death by Degrees
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  25. 220 downloads

    Republic Commando
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  27. 226 downloads

    Ninja Gaiden preview
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  28. 229 downloads

    The Flipped Issue
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  30. 235 downloads

    The Future Issue
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  31. 255 downloads

    The Kicka** Issue (apparently they couldn't write "kickass" on the cover).
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  32. 259 downloads

    The Masked Issue
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  33. 292 downloads

    The Jungle Issue
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  34. 269 downloads

    The Wired Issue
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  35. 254 downloads

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  36. 272 downloads

    "The Metal Issue," with alternate cover included at the end of the archive.
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  38. YAY, SSX3 the best snowboarding game ever created. So much fun, and still looks great.
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