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    PRIMARY SYSTEMS COVERAGE Atari 2600/VCS Magnavox Odyssey2 arcade pinball Radio Shack TRS-80 Atari 400 Atari 800 Commodore VIC-20 Texas Instruments 99/4A Sinclair ZX-81 Apple II (TOC transcription follows, with (notes) and bullet lists added for clarity.) --- FEATURES VIDEO GAMES Interview: Nolan Bushnell King Pong talks about Atari, Chuck E. Cheese and what's good and bad about video games. The Absolutely, Positively Last Word on Pac-Man Profile of a phenomenon - by Steve Bloom. They've Got Their ACT-ivision Together The leading software specialists in the burgeoning TV-games business may triple their sales in '82 - by Randi Hacker. (includes 'Like, Imagic' sidebar) PLAY BALL! Can't Tell the Computer Without a Scorecard A primer for computer illiterates and a guide to what to buy - by Howard Coors. Hey, Buddy! Can You Spare a Quarter? Don't look now but John Holmstrom's on the loose. His bonzo sketches and gonzo scribblings come from deep within the heart of video darkness. SPECIAL SECTION BEATING THE GAMES How to play 15 of the most popular coin-op videos. Including Donkey Kong, Robotron, Amidar, Frenzy and Zaxxon. (b&w; 1-page of tips per game; includes arcade cabinet/pinball machine product shot and (if applicable) game screenshot) Stargate Space Duel Hyperball (pinball) Donkey Kong Turbo Ms. Pac-Man Zaxxon Robotron Bosconian Frenzy Mousetrap Centipede Qix Tempest Amidar DEPARTMENTS HYPERSPACE (editorial) A word from the editor. BLIPS (news section) Buckner & Garcia, New York's proposed games tax, Mesquite update, videostats, CES preview. Q&A With Buckner & Garcia (interview) Be the First on Your Block (sidebar; misc new products) Just the Tax, Jack (NY proposed games tax) Best Little Court Case in Texas (Mesquite v Aladdin's Castle) SF to Atari: Thanks (sidebar; Atari donates to 'Save the Cable Cars' campaign) Welcome to CES! (CES preview) Four Score and Seven Billion Points Ago... (sidebar; Twin Galaxy scores) Doonesbury, Tank McNamara, Cathy (newspaper comic strips, video game themed) DR. VIDEO Clinicians across America are starting to use video games as a therapy tool. Dr. William Lynch discusses his findings. ('Video Games as Therapy a Modest Success') COIN-OP SHOP Steve Bloom's diary of recent AOE extravaganza. ('AOE Report: Showdown in Chi-town') HARD SELL A laborious look at Atari's VCS and N.A.P.'s Odyssey2 - by Randi Hacker. ('Atari's VCS vs. Odyssey2 - Pick 'em') BOOK BEAT How's about all those how-tos? Bob Mecoy reviews a bunch. How to Master the Video Games How to Master Home Video Games Score! Beating the Top 16 Video Games How to Win at Pac-Man Playing Ms. Pac-Man to Win! How to Beat the Video Games Winners' Book of Video Games OUTTAKES (photos)
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    Primary Systems Coverage Nintendo Entertainment System Nintendo Game Boy Sega Master System Sega Genesis Atari 7800 Atari 2600 Atari XE PC Amiga Commodore 64 NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD Player Konix Multi-System (editorial coverage; never released) arcade ------ (Table of Content (TOC) and headline excerpts follow. Bullet lists and (notes) added for clarity.) The Editors View (1 page; editorial by Tom Halfhill; switching from bi-monthly to monthly schedule, the Konix Multi-System, Gametapes, Pro-Top Hotline) The Tip Sheet (3 pages; letters column focusing on reader tip requests and submissions; discussed, none shown:) King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella Phantasy Star II (tip being, there's some confusion over PSII on SMS) Double Dragon (NES) Friday the 13th (NES) Hudson's Adventure Island (NES) Phantasy Star (SMS) Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (NES) Kid Icarus (NES) Maniac Mansion Rastan (SMS) Player's World NEC's TurboGrafx-CD: Plenty of Potential (3 pages; shown; Fighting Street (aka Street Fighter); music CD subcode graphics) Super Marioland for Nintendo Game Boy (1 page; shown; Super Mario Land) Face To Face... With Dann Pintauro (1 page; celebrity interview) Nintendo News - The Classic Games (5 pages; NES; all games shown) Playing Pinball Without Quarters (Pinball) Mazes And Space Zapping (Section Z) Slam-Dunk Action (Double Dribble) The Winner... And Still Champ (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out) That Karate Movie Comes Alive (The Karate Kid) The Best Game That Never Quite Caught On (Karnov) Arcade Action - Crackdown (2 pages; Crackdown; game shown) PC Players - Intergalactic Mysteries and Puzzles (4 pages; both games shown; includes sections:) Archipelagos The Omnicron Conspiracy Sega Masters - Altered Beast: Arcade Action on the Genesis (3 pages; Altered Beast (Gen); primarily tips & strategies; game shown) Atari Safari - New Games and Light Gun for 7800 & 2600 (1 page; Summer CES coverage; light gun planned (not shown); games discussed:) Barnyard Blaster (7800; light gun compatible) Sentinel (2600,7800; light gun compatible) Crossbow (7800; light gun compatible) Shooting Arcade (2600; light gun compatible) Xenophobe (7800 shown,XE) Commando (7800 shown,XE) Ikari Warrior (2600,7800) (Ikari Warriors) Planet Smasher (7800) Ninja Golf (7800) Mat Mania Challenge (7800) White Water Madness (2600,7800) Mean 18 Ultimate Golf (7800) Off the Wall (2600 shown) Road Runner (2600) Radar Lock (2600 shown) Street Fight (2600) Motorodeo (2600) Super Football (XE) Tower Toppler (XE) Midi Maze (XE) Deflektor (XE shown) Amiga Players - If I Ruled The World (2 pages; Populous, Sim City; both shown) Commodore Players - Meeting Your Waterloo And Getting Your Qix (3 pages; Battle of Napoleon, Qix; both shown) Mac Players - Cosmic Osmo Forever! (1 page; Cosmic Osmo; shown) Cheap Thrills - New Age Bingo For The Roaring Eighties (3 pages; shown: Mah Jongg (PC), not shown: Tiles (Amiga)) Nintendo Game of the Month: Ninja Gaiden (10 pages; NES; strategy guide) Computer Game of the Month: Red Storm Rising (6 pages; PC; strategy guide) Game Reviews (1 page each; all shown) Capone (PC) Stargoose (PC) Jigsaw! (PC) Hidden Agenda (PC) Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer 2.0 (PC) P.O.W. (NES) Bad Dudes (NES) Dr. Chaos (NES) Ducktales (NES) Mega Man II (NES) Wrestlemania (NES) Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II (NES) Jack Nicklaus' Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf (Amiga) Baal (C64) News & Previews (approx. 3.75 pages) Lots of New Games For Sega Master System (SMS games discussed:) Ultima IV (shown) Dead Angle (shown) Golden Axe Dynamite Dux (shown) Scramble Spirit (shown) Cloud Master (shown) Captain Silver Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap (shown) World Games Tennis Ace Super Golf Wanted! (shown) Two Historical Strategy Games For Nintendo (NES; Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Genghis Khan; both shown) New LJN Games For Nintendo (NES; shown: Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, The Uncanny X-Men, NFL Football; not shown: Beetlejuice, Back to the Future, The Punisher) Space Game For PCs Has Enhanced Sound (Echelon) Guideposts: The Hot 100 (approx. 5.33 pages; Top 100 video and computer games; none shown) The Game Player's Hall of Fame (approx. 0.66 page; reader bios) Chartbusters (1 page; poll results and Top lists)
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    Contents: A Message from the Challenge Team Commander Sega Spotlight Meet Steve Hanawa, a real Sega expert Special "Challenge" Review Out Run hits the streets! How many of our 38 games do you own? Check them off on our Sega Checklist Master our Feature Games with Advice from the Experts In this issue, we preview Alec Kidd in Miracle World, Rambo and Black Belt Tips from the Team Sega Challengers give you their own special techniques SegaScope 3-D Discover the fantastic world of Sega's 3-D technology Help your friends become Sega Team Members Can you beat the Sega Top 5? Compare your best scores to the Sega Top 5 Scoreboard Send us your highest score! What would you like to see in future "Challenge" issues? Have a question? Call our Sega Hotline! Challenge the Sega Master! The Sega Master answers your questions Order your favorite Sega games and accessories! The Sega order form shows you how!
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