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    and with that all 13 issues of Nintendo Power 2009 are preserved!
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    Have you SEEN the covers on old issues of Game Player's and GamePro? It was a baloney sandwich on white bread.
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    Hi Kitsunebi, Just wanted to thank you for all the Japanese gaming mags you have made available here. I recently discovered this site and have just finished grabbing pretty much all your Japan-related uploads. I'm very interested in video game history, and of course without the Eastern perspective we really only have half the story. There is a lot of effort put towards game preservation these days (and rightly so), but it seems preservation of the surrounding ephemera is sadly lacking. There is so much exclusive and interesting info locked away in these mags, from the contemporaneous dev/artist/musician interviews and studio tours, to custom artwork and ads, not to mention the endless guides. Really an invaluable resource, especially for the 'golden age' from PC Engine to PS1/Dreamcast. So, Thanks!
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    Originally Coury lent this issue to Chris from Classic Gaming Quarterly for a read through video. I had lent Chris the GamePro Celebrity Gamer magazine for the same reason. When I found out he had this issue I asked him if he could ask Coury if I could borrow it to scan. Coury agreed without ever speaking to me or even knowing who exactly it was going to. Looks like we have a reputation of being trustworthy! I think I scanned it in one night and had it in the mail back to him within a couple of weeks from getting it.
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    One of the pages is missing. Page 29, I believe
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    Rare video of @kitsunebi77 and his sheep Dolly!
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    Ah yes, I remember "Super Mario 4". Looking at those first images.....you knew that game was going to be epic!
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    Checked it out, and although there is still warping here and there, a lot of it got straightened out. What a pain in the ass that must have been! Good work, MigJmz!
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    This is cool, always good to see some Famitsu. Thanks!
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    Happy 2020 !! Now this is a huge surprise for a new start .
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    Seems like I forgot to upload it, or I uploaded it and forgot to update the entry. In any case, it's been uploaded now and updated.
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    For those curious, this is the issue where GamePro debuted their iconic rating system.
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    I appreciate your hard work & dedication, as I know others do as well. Been focusing on PSX last few weeks, and these are very much appreciated. As always, you do top notch work!
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    Thanks for the upload, I love PC Gamer's Award issues. I hope more of those are uploaded.
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    You missed the actual page 30, which is 31 by your numbering
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    Japan wasn't guilt-free of stealing cover art themselves. Except in this case it was straight-up plagiarism. Sort of like a D-student thinking they can just change a few words while copying from an encyclopedia and turn it in as their original research paper. Ravenloft module: 1983 Castlvania II: 1987 "Just have Dracula turn his head and everyone will think this is original art!" Riiiiiiight....
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    Yes, but what type of sandwich? Ham and cheese... At least throw a cup of coffee in the menu. Cheap bastards! HaHa...‼
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    Thanks!!!!! +++ to this especial cover
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    Page 65 is missing, plus page 62 is duplicated. Just saying
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    You are the best! Thank you for all the time you put into this, it is very much appreciated.
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    I've got to say, this might be the very worst cover art I've ever seen for an issue of Game Player's. That's just...oof...bad.
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    Wow, this is way cleaner than any other digital copy I have seen.
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    Please fix the title: Mega Play Vol.3 No.5 (October 1992)
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    I have been looking for this for a long time. Thanks!
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    This issue needs a re-scan badly. It's been noted in the database entry. Please do not report this; we're aware of it. Thank you!
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    Found it!! It's actually Volume 3 Number 3 which should be May/June 1990. I messaged someone who had it listed before on eBay and it ended up being the actual person who did he original cover art for the issue. Here's a link to an enlarged copy: https://imgur.com/a/X83F5ug
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    Thanks for this. It's one of many issues that ended up in the dumpster while I was away at college. Gone but not forgotten
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    Fond memories of this issue. This is also one that I distinctly remember throwing away because I had the older Retromags scan of it. This one is superior.
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    This has gotten more downloads in a couple of hours than Compute gets in a week. RetroRasslinMags...the new paradigm?
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    Believe it or not, I sincerely hope there's more of these. Really, though, you guys went all out on this. Good work!
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    If loving is bad I don't want to be good.
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    OH MY GOD!! I LOVE SHEEP!! I used to own every issue of that mag and would read it so hard the covers would fall off. Then one day I came home and discovered that my family had thrown them all out along with all of my other sheep paraphernalia and signed me up for psychiatric rehabilitation. This is like a dream come true!
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    Thank You so much! this is the last magazine i remember owning as a kid.
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    I think i have more "missing" Mega Play mags...just have to find them.
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    These mags were the best, always like this style on the covers a lot more than the near 2000 stuff which looks terrible to me
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    I submitted a drawing and it was published on this issue. I didn't win though... It's the Mario, Knights, and Crash Bandicoot drawing.
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    This was the very first video game magazine I ever bought, nice memories, thanks a lot for preserving it and many more thanks for sharing.
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    This was the very first EGM Magazine i purchased. Man the old days of gaming.
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    This was when the fighting games rules the arcade. Great times.
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    I hope you don't mind if I tell you I find it easier to respect her if I pretend she never did and cannot do any of the things you just said.