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    Added Tech Gian - Jan 2005. This is my last magazine from this group.
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    Some new wins for the New Year! Total 64 Issue #18 which doesnt seem to exist in our Mag Database and the first issue of PS.X
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    I'd like all members of the site to help me out here. As many of you know, Retromags likes to hold itself to a certain standard of quality regarding the scans available to download on our site. This wasn't always the case, however, and many years ago, poor quality scans and unedited scans alike were allowed here. Many such scans have been marked in our database as needing a rescan, but others have not. Since I don't download the majority of mags available here, it's not something that's easy for me to check, so here's my request - if you download a mag from our site that has not been properly edited (the pages are skewed or improperly cropped), or else are just generally in low-quality condition (either the condition of the scan or the mag itself), could you post the issue name and number here so we can more comprehensively mark those issues in need of a re-scan? Muchas gracias.
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    Retromags Presents! PC Gamer Issue 070 March 2000 Database Entry! Download Directly!
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    Hello everybody, I’m the owner of Gamest, Arcadia and Neo Geo Freak complete sets. I would like to donate them in order to be scanned, preserved and made available to the general public. Unfortunately this may provide some logistic problems. We’re talking about 10 big boxes, so shipping them from Italy to the US will be extremely expensive. I tried to get in touch with the guys from Retroedicola (they scan and archive computer magazine both domestic and foreign) but so far we were not able to arrange a meeting. Maybe some trusted member resident in central europe is willing to arrange something? Any other ideas?
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    Retromags Presents! S.W.A.T. Pro Issue 25 September 1995 Database Entry! Download Directly!
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    Now editing: EGM MK2 magazine 3 of 4. Then when I'm done with that I will begin editing MK2 magazine 1 of 4 and 4 of 4 (unless EtherealDragonz is already editing those?). Then I'll go on to scanning magazine 2 of 4.
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    Edge magazine's covers were hands down the most elegantly designed covers of any gaming magazine ever published, in any country. For its 200th issue, they released an astonishing 200 covers which essentially tell the history of gaming in pictures. It's amazing that they were never collected into a high-quality coffee-table book, but over the next several days, I'll be adding them all to the site. I've reserved some additional spots on this thread so that I can continue to add them all here as well, for a larger view than you would get just by browsing the gallery. I upload a lot of covers and am mostly jaded to them all, but I've got to admit, this is pretty cool. Enjoy. #1-20:
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    You two can become a scanning/editing team. A Phillyman/E-Day for a new generation.
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    Uploaded Gamest April 1991 - Happy New Year! What makes this issue interesting is that this is the first article featuring Street Fighter 2 from Gamest, so its interesting to see some of the first images of the game. Although Wikipedia says the game came out in February of 91', so I am trying to figure out what the first Japanese magazine to feature Street Fighter 2 was. If anyone knows and can upload it, that would be awesome!
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    I wanted to share an anime recommendation specifically with this group. Check out "Hi Score Girl" if you have Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80997338 It's a typical high school romance comedy show, but importantly it is set in the 90's arcade era. The show brought back a lot of memories for me and has a pretty engaging overall story.
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    Yes, finally someone gets it. This is exactly what you should do. This is what everyone who wants to see something get scanned should do.
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    Thanks for all your hard work on these, Ethereal Dragonz! I love being able to flip through these Japanese magazines. Occasionally I find a game I recognize. *huggles* Areala
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    Retromags Presents Destiny of an Emperor - Perfect Strategy Guide (Tenchi wo Kurau - Kanzen Kouryakubon) Family Computer Magazine issue 80 supplement June 6, 1989 Thanks to ccovell for donating this issue to be scanned Database Entry Download Here
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    I know of whom you're referring, but to be fair, that sort of thing happens around here, as well. Anyway, I consider the status of donations a contract of sorts between the donor and the recipient, and since these sorts of exchanges are usually arranged privately, it's up to those two parties to decide if things are being handled fairly. As for myself, I've only taken donations a couple of times, once because of a strong personal interest in the donated mags, and once because the mags were being shipped from Japan, so I was the logical person to accept them, but I always make it clear that they won't get done in anything resembling speedy succession. However, I have also promised that I will get them out eventually, and that I won't resume scanning other mags in my collection until the donated mags are complete. So except for one issue I finally got around to editing which had already been debound and scanned before taking on any donations, every mag I've released over the past year has been a donated mag...and more than likely every mag I release next year will be as well.
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    Yeah, you did but when people have sent you mags for the site you, as in I, tend to feel obligated to get them out as soon as possible to justify their faith in sending them to me. I don't want to be like another member of a certain site who has received hundreds of mags from donators and yet only manages to push out a mag every couple of months and even then half of them are seemingly just reissues of previous mags he'd already put online. That kind of sucks in my book and is not how I want to be compared to. Still, I am feeling a lot better for having time out and going to see a movie here and there and just doing non-site stuff so I've finally taken the path you told me too and it has been beneficial I have to admit.
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    Retromags Presents! Tips & Tricks Issue #1 Spring 1994 Database Entry! Download Directly! Thanks to EtherealDragonz for scanning this issue (and to MigJmz for editing it!)
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    Looking great! All that needs to be fixed is the scuffs on the front and back covers. Also the alignment on mario on the second page.
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    Okay I know it's a year later but I moved back to my home state and I just found my USB stick with all my scans yesterday. I would have just rescanned but I don't have access to a copier/printer as of yet. Here are my results, if anyone is familiar with the process of how I can help get this added to the site I'd be more than happy to contribute this. It took me roughly 10 hours total for all the work put into it, as initially some of the pages were pretty beat up. This guide goes for around 90 brand new and I got a used copy last year for $25 so I think I got a pretty good deal, most of the pages were in decent enough condition and I worked hard on it, I'm proud of the results. Enjoy. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15zBOgetXf7RWTe7msRwVw-diRoMINqAa
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    Added GamePro - April 2004. I do miss their "LamePro" April Fools issues.
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    You can look at any of the existing game magazines that are around now except Game Informer. Nintendo Force, Pure Nintendo, Old School Gamer Magazine, RETRO; they all do "per issue" subscriptions through Patreon. You pay the normal cover price when they publish an issue and they do not have much advertising at all. I think Nintendo Force has no ads at all. Or maybe look at any specialist hobby magazine, like model railroading or quilting. Their subscriptions are typically much more expensive than the cheap prices you could get for a year of EGM or GamePro, and they have far fewer ads. I didn't mind the ads in game magazines because a lot of time they were interesting. Even if I had no interest in the game, they were often funny, amusing, cheesey, or had some nice art to them, so I read most of them. Some are permanently burned into my brain I think the downfall of magazines in North America has more to do with distribution costs than anything. Japan is tiny, so it's faster and cheaper to ship stuff all over the country. The same can't be said for the US and Canada, which are huge and require a lot of distance to move stuff. Magazines with low readership seem to thrive in the UK as well. One photography magazine I read has a circulation of about 26,000 issues, including digital, and it just keeps going and seems to be thriving. Future puts out several photography magazines including one just for Canon cameras and one just for Nikon, and they all seem to be doing well. Meanwhile the latest numbers for Maximum PC from the USPS Statement of Ownership form show their circulation is about 31,000. I would guess their content to ad ratio is 75:25. And with having to ship their magazines all over two countries, I am not sure how much longer they will be in print before Future shuts them down.
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    Added GamePro - September 2005. Remember guys, chicks dig men who have GamePro subscriptions!
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    Hello! A little while ago I mailed in a handful of gaming publications to a service similar to 1dollarscans, which I first learned of through a thread posted here several months ago. I only sent in things I was sure hadn't been uploaded elsewhere, and I've since received all of the scans and posted them to the Internet Archive. There's really a ton but highlights include: Super Smash Bros. Melee Official Player's Guide (was surprised it hadn't already been uploaded with how popular the game still is, but then I suppose it doesn't mention wavedashing) A bunch of Nintendo Power subscriber-exclusive bonuses (catalogs, preview zines and more) Disney Adventures Winter 2000 (video game edition of a Disney children's magazine) Pokemon Gold & Silver Adventure Guide by Versus Books (this amazing guide, in an effort to not spoil anything, will often give you the encounter percentages of Pokemon in an area but not tell you what the Pokemon are) Animal Crossing Official Player's Guide Scrye Pokemon Price And Players Guide 2000 (extensive one-off magazine about the Pokemon TCG at the height of its popularity) A note about the quality: these were scanned at 300dpi with no touch-ups, overall I'm very happy with them. Regarding the quality of the magazines themselves, many of the covers are beat to hell but are mostly fine once you get into them. I'm sure that at least some of these will be scanned in better quality in the future by folks more willing to dedicate the time and care, but in the meantime I'm happy to share everything I've got. Enjoy! https://archive.org/details/@fauwf?&sort=titleSorter
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    I've come up with a way to test if you are an old-school gamer (a nicer way of saying that you're OLD). You're an old-school gamer IF... You feel the need to start out with "Isn't it hard to believe" when explaining that the PS2 is older now than the Famicom was when the PS2 was released. And if we're talking USA release dates, it's even more skewed. The PS2 is now over 18 years old in the USA, whereas the NES (rolled out nationwide in 1986) was only 14 years old when the PS2 hit shelves. ISN'T THAT HARD TO BELIEVE???