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    Happy Birthday! Here's a guide to 1985's Xanadu (Dragon Slayer II) from Nihon Falcom, which to this day is still the best-selling computer RPG of all time in Japan. https://archive.org/details/XanaduDatabookVol.1
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    THANK YOU!!! My name is Brian Lesyk (a.k.a. CIVICMINDED) and I wanted to sincerely thank each and every one of you who contributed to reimbursing me for the shipping costs incurred when I recently donated my video game collection to Retromags. It was a much-appreciated and heartwarming surprise to see so many of you pitch in to help support this initiative. Quick story... My wife and I bought our first home together three and a half years ago. During that time, I've been steadily converting my basement into a gaming room. My nearly four-decade collection of video game paraphernalia has been stored there since. About two years ago, the home's original hot water heater sprang a small leak and damaged a relatively small portion of my video game magazine collection. Nonetheless, I was heartbroken. That's when I stumbled across Retromags online video game magazine repository. I was delighted to see how comprehensive their library was and how well the site was run. I was able to recuperate some of my collection in digital form and have been a fervent supporter of theirs ever since. In the time since I discovered Retromags, I began to wonder about the status of my remaining physical collection. Despite being in practically mint condition, I was finally faced with some realities. My collection took up far too much space and I wasn't really reading through them much anymore. Basically, the collection became so big that I couldn't find anything I wanted despite being well organized. I was essentially hording. So, three things crept into my head: 1) Getting rid of all of these boxes could free-up some necessary space in my gaming room, 2) digitizing this massive collection would be a benefit to the gaming community (and myself), and 3) I felt that Retromags is THE trusted source and curator for this sort of thing. Though it was bittersweet watching the freight company haul away my life's collection on a pallet jack down my driveway and into a truck, it gave me great solace in knowing that the gaming community would maybe benefit from it just as I did. As I mentioned, my collection began decades ago. It started when I was about eight years old and followed me through college...through multiple cities and apartments...it eventually followed me home...and soon, it will be in your hands. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. Personally, I very much look forward to re-discovering much it in its digital format. It's exciting to know that my collection will join the many collections that all of you have contributed over the years, too. If you receive a fraction of the enjoyment in my collection as I have received from yours, I know my decision was the right one to make. Again, thank you all for your tremendous support! I am genuinely humbled and your generosity will not be forgotten. Sincerely, Brian
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    From June 1986, here's another guide to the PC-98 edition of the original Wizardry. https://archive.org/details/WizardryPlayingManual
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    Here's the game without which there might never have been a Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy. The most influential game the West has ever foisted upon Japan? Indeed. Originally released in 1981 in the USA, this guide covers the 1985 release for the PC-98 in Japan. https://archive.org/details/WizardryHandbook
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    As someone who has always edited my own scans, this doesn't really affect me, but it DOES bother me to see scans being released where the scanner and editor are different people, yet only the editor gets any credit when a "like" or "thanks" button is pressed. This seems to me an injustice. Sure, the editor typically puts in more effort, but that doesn't mean they could have done it without the work of the scanner. For that matter, if the magazine was a donation, the donator should be thanked, as well. I doubt it's possible with the software as is, but it sure would be nice if pressing the "thanks" or "like" button on a file's download page simultaneously gave reputation points to the scanner, editor, and donator (if there is one.) Could this possibly be implemented (perhaps with a mod)?
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    Here's a second guide to Nihon Falcom's megahit RPG Xanadu. This one's from 1986 and is nice and colorful with lots of artwork and a cool bonus at the end of the guide - a cut-out board game. https://archive.org/details/XanaduFile_201904/page/n11
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    Here's another scan I had nothing to do with that's better than anything I ever spent 5 hours scanning and editing. Or so I hear. This time it's a Japan-exclusive visual novel adaptation of Silent Hill for the Game Boy Advance. https://archive.org/details/SilentHillOfficialGuideBook
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    Retromags Presents! Play Online No.009 (February 1999) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi77    Edited By: kitsunebi77    Uploaded By: kitsunebi77 Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    This time it's a guide to the second game in the series, Mobile Suit Gundam: Gihren's Greed: Blood Of Zeon for the PlayStation (2000.) https://archive.org/details/MobileSuitGundamGihrensGreedBloodOfZeonIchiNenSensousenryakuKenkyuu
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    OH MY GOD! How are you ever going to scan all of these in your lifetime? Edit: Donated
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    Retromags Presents! Tips & Tricks Issue 069 (November 2000) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Phillyman    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Retromags Presents! Dengeki G's Magazine Issue 024 (July 1999) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: kitsunebi77    Edited By: kitsunebi77    Uploaded By: kitsunebi77 Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    More Gamest coming, I think will stick to 1 Gamest each week since I don't have much time
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    I thought I was through with Gundam. But when dealing with Japan, you can't ever be through with Gundam. For the PlayStation circa 2000: https://archive.org/details/MobileSuitGundamGihrensGreedBloodOfZeonConquestSideBook
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    Sega was never really a big deal in Japan, but to illustrate its faded influence here: The other day I was in a class where kids were talking about their favorite animals. A couple of kids wanted to know how to say "harinezumi" in English (hedgehog). Since Sonic is called "Sonic the Hedgehog" in Japan as well (well, Sonikku za Hejjuhoggu), I figured I would point that out and everyone would realize that they already knew the English word. Except that, out of a room of thirty 11-year olds, only a single kid (and the homeroom teacher) had ever heard of Sonic. This is the same room of kids that when asked "What do you want for your birthday?" answered almost unanimously, boys and girls alike, with "game soft(ware)". So it isn't as if they don't play video games. Meanwhile Mario is everywhere, including on the covers of some of the official workbooks distributed by schools to teach kanji.
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    Retromags Presents! Tips & Tricks Issue 047 (January 1999) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Phillyman    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Yeah, and in the case of non-donated mags, the scanner also deserves thanks for sacrificing their own magazines if they were de-bound. When a scanner scans their own mags, they essentially take on the role of donator as well. Donator. Scanner. Editor. Sometimes, all three are the same person, but when they aren't, each one should receive thanks.
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    Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 068 (March 1995) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Sean697    Edited By: MigJmz    Uploaded By: Guest Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    No updates in here since December, but that doesn't mean I have been sitting idle. Obviously I have been editing all the scans that Phillyman did in February (four left minus six that need pages rescanned). Aside from that, I have started putting my new Fujitsu fi-7160 (thanks to everyone who donated towards the Fujitsu ix1500 and to hardcorehubz for funding the upgrade to the fi-7160), and scanned 25 magazines with it, with two or three still to go), as well as scanned three magazines (one real one and two skinny promo supplements) with my trusty Canon Lide 210, and am finishing up one more. Once I get all that stuff edited, I will be starting on CIVICMINDED's donated magazines. That will be a mix of manual scanning and ADF goodness. There will be lots of editing to do for anyone who's inclined to help. Editing of the ADF stuff is fairly easy, there's just a lot of it.
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    Ah, so that's why you wanted a scan of Famitsu 162. Electric Brain copied that interview from there. Of course, they truncated it quite a bit, as well. The Famitsu interview goes on for 5 pages.
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    I recently acquired an A3 ADF Scanner so I've begun scanning in my magazine collection. So far I've done a few Vending Times and Famitsu issues I have, and will continue doing more. If you guys want to add them to the database you're more than welcome. #198 and #199 I'll likely redo in the near future though as I hadn't gotten the quality tweaked to where I liked it with those, same with the Vending Times but i'm not planning on redoing those. https://www.gamingalexandria.com/wp/magazines/ Thanks, - Hubz
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    You should have linked to it! http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/05/forgotten_interview_with_miyamoto_sheds_light_on_a_classic_zelda_production
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    I can tell you exactly how many: 864 individual issues (896 with duplicates), and 58 guides. For those wondering when you'll start seeing these on the site, it should be fairly soon. I am still finishing up editing Phillyman's scans from February; there are 4 left, not including six issues that need pages rescanned. I also had quite a few issues of GamPro that I prepped for scanning last year that I am currently scanning and will be editing, as well as three or four issues I am scanning manually. Once I get through all that, I will start on CIVICMINDED's magazines. At this point it's the editing that takes the most time. Even with automating most of it, it still takes some time to do. But it shouldn't be so bad if I can keep releasing a new scan every day (or close to it). I currently have 31 scans done and ready, so that gives me some breathing room.
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    Does anybody have Famitsu #162 they'd be willing to scan this spread from? Also reproduced in the current (April 2019) Heisei celebration issue of Famitsu. Shigeru Miyamoto interview regarding Zelda: ALTTP
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    No, but this is why we have our own Wiki-like section for these types of entries to go into.....and we wont delete them
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    Retromags Presents! PSExtreme Issue 32 (July 1998) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Phillyman    Edited By: E-Day    Uploaded By: E-Day Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!  
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    Scanning issues 3 to 5 right now
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    So last month members here were extremely generous and donated enough money for me to get a Fujitsu ix1500. Getting that scanner resulted in CivicMinded sending me around 950 magazines and guides to scan at great expense. Now THAT has caused something else. Last week, seeing the insane magazine donation, Hardcorehubz asked if I was open to selling the ix1500 in order to get the Fujitsu FI-7160, with him covering the difference. That's an obvious decision to make. So the Fujitsu has been returned, Hardcorehubz has sent the money to me, and the 7160 is getting ordered tonight. It's a heavier duty scanner that can take more pages and is made for heavier workloads, so it should serve me and this site very well. So with that and a heavy duty paper cutter, getting through the CivicMinded magazines will be pretty easy. Now who wants to help edit?
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    Yeah Vuescan should work for that, only thing I noticed at least with my Fujitsu ADF is I couldn't really get it to auto size and crop anything well. But that could differ per model, I did love how it got me an actual RAW Scan with no compression.
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    Yeah, even better than someone living in America having an A3 scanner is having someone who lives in the UK and actually OWNS some UK mags having an A3 scanner! And almost anything you scan is probably something we don't have already, so your options are near limitless!
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    Yikes, thanks for the unintentional insult! As I stated somewhere back when I first started uploading stuff to the Internet Archive, none of those are my own scans. Other than the covers, I don't do any editing work on them and just upload as is. Everything I personally scan is: Available at Retromags EDITED The stuff I upload to the Internet Archive are just random things I've accumulated from here and there over the years (I couldn't even tell you where for the most part). But since none of them came from any scanning sites I'm aware of, they aren't being permanently hosted anywhere, so rather than hoard them myself, I decided to put them up at archive so that everyone could access them. I'm going to assume that what you meant was that you find the old strategy guides I've uploaded to archive more interesting than the magazines I scan and upload here, and not that you think the mostly unedited scans I've posted to archive are higher quality scans than the stuff I slave over to upload here. Right? And not that you asked, exactly, but the stuff I DO scan (everything available here) gets put into the recycling when I'm finished. Aside from being de-bound, the pages are often in perfect condition, but I just don't see the point in keeping boxes full of loose pages for all eternity. I doubt I'd ever look at them again, anyway. So better to toss them out and reduce the clutter.
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    Thanks so much for this! It has a great page about POPILS one of my all time favourites.
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    I acquired a copy of Phantasy Star II back in the late 90's, but didn't play through it until around 2010. The "less than stellar evaluations," you've read are fair, I wouldn't deny the validity of those perspectives. The story is only slightly more robust than Final Fantasy I for the NES, and the visuals seem pretty uninspired, even redundant. I wasn't impressed with the title when I first attempted it back in 98'. However, I dedicated myself to a playthrough in 2010 and was satisfied with the experience. Certainly, Phantasy Star II is not for everyone. Even for a 80's/90's RPG, it's a real grinder with difficult random battles, and sprawling, featureless dungeons. Solving the game by ones own wit requires some attention to detail, fair resource management skills, and patience. As JRPG's go, this a tough one, but Phantasy Star's most redeeming quality is it's challenge. The scant extant story of Phantasy Star II eventually culminates in an interesting ending (nothing too mind-blowing, but amusing). The drama of an out of control AI initially designed to maintain a utopian world seems more relevant than typical JRPG fare. I also liked the setting, stretching across multiple planets in Phantasy Star II' s solar system. I can definitely see why most wouldn't like the title, but I enjoyed the challenge and the setting. Also, I am one of those rare JRPG'ers that actually enjoys the grind. Though I prefer PSII be included on the mini Genesis, I'd be completely content with it's absence, so long as Phantasy Star IV were given a slot. Phantasy Star IV ratchets up everything good in PSII, and appears a much more refined piece of gaming art. PSIV is't quite as challenging, but seems superior in every other comparable category.
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    Retromags Presents! Electronic Gaming Monthly Issue 071 (June 1995) Database Record Download Directly! Scanned By: Sean697 Edited By: MigJmz Uploaded By: MigJmz Subscribe to our New Release Feedburner email!
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    Uploaded Neo Geo Freak 1, 2 is uploading right now. These early issues are quite rare
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    I just threw down $100, good luck with all the scanning!
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    The piles are gone. Everything is catalogued and organized back in the boxes for easy retrieval. Below is the spreadsheet detailing everything that was sent. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Atyk-cuOCnWLnP006RkzC4J7UB8ILw In short: 865 unique issues, 896 total issues, 58 Player's/Strategy Guides. To quote Bob Cole, "Ohhhh, baby!"
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    My OCD is going overtime looking at all those piles. I'm glad your wife is willing to sort and collate, because otherwise I'd have to haul my butt up there from Indiana and get to work. LOL! *huggles* Areala
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    Donated! This is a really impressive undertaking!
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    Amazing collection! This needs front page attention.
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    Such a fantastic donation! CIVICMINDED you are my hero! Just donated to help out but I did get an error but it looks like it processed? If you need any fellow scanners to help with this massive pile let me know.
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    Tweetted this thread, will donate in the next days
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    Hey JhonnyD! Unfortunately I don't have very many more but will try to pick some more up as i catch them at a good price. These weren't bad at all. I have Official Dreamcast Magazine issues so I can knock some of those out. The rest I do not though but like I said if someone wants to mail me some I can work on them. BTW added another Famitsu this morning, #134. https://archive.org/details/WeeklyFamitsuNo134June28th1991
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    Just an incredible mind boggling donation of magazines! This has to be the largest and most diverse magazine lot donation to date. This is also probably the largest migration of USA magazines to Canada in history Any help is appreciated in helping to offset this massive shipment of magazines. I have already pledged $100, and hopefully we can find 11 more members that can also do so. Anyone who pledges $100 or more will be moved to our Eternal Patron group. I am also thankful that E-day could receive these, as my wife would divorce me if this showed up at our doorstep
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    I like how the cover claims Unreal (which was 4 years old at the time that mag was published) is "worth $90." Because I'm pretty sure it was bargain bin by then.(btw - I just noticed you aren't including the dates on those PC Powerplay covers? Had to check my copy for the date.) Here's one from America. And a collection of games I'd MUCH rather play than Unreal. Ultima Underworld, Monkey Island, XCOM, Wing Commander...all better games than Unreal. And Alone in the Dark and King's Quest are dated but important example of games that launched important genres (survival horror and graphic adventures). And then they had to ruin it by adding the Daikatana demo.
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    After months of behind-the-scenes deliberation, infused with a ridiculous amount of name-calling, indian leg wrestling, and wedgies, the administrators have reached their conclusion and are now ready to share it with the rest of the community. Presenting: RETRO MAGS! Ruminate with us for a bit. You'll notice that nowhere on the site does it specifically state we are set up to only scan and host old magazines about computers and video games, and every so often we'll receive a request from a user inquiring about whether or not we handle this or that sort of publication, or help finding out-of-print periodicals of various sorts. Fishing magazines. Car magazines. Science magazines. There's a magazine for everything, and if there isn't now, then there probably was in decades past. It's true! Literally starting today, Retromags is going to become your one-stop shop for everything related to old school magazines. Hobbyist publications, consumer reference, news and entertainment...it's all coming both soon and now. Just think: your dad may finally track down that issue of Organic Gardner he read as a lad! Your grandmother may thrill to a digital version of the doll collector's monthly she subscribed to twenty years ago! Those classic 80's knitting patterns? They're going to be here too! Vintage Wrestling quarterlies, 1960's era Hot Rod publications, celebrity gossip rags from back when the hair, the shoulder pads, and the feuds were larger than life? Forget download limits. These files are big, beautiful, and cleaned up to current-year specs as best that we (and Photoshop) can accomplish. To prove we aren't kidding, we've got a handful of brand new releases we've been holding back on for this very announcement. Only you guys could make it possible, with your contributions of time, energy, and cold, hard cash. Especially that last part. Thank you, anonymous donor who wishes to remain anonymous for that sudden infusion back in February. Obviously this is going to require a bit of a site overhaul. Expect to see some serious changes to the way things like the databases are structured as we get things in line with the new, expanded concept. We're aiming to add roughly a dozen different categories per week, then new sub-categories within them similar to the way the gaming magazines are currently broken down by area of release, then name of publication. It's a lot of work, and not something which can be done all at once, but we're going to push on as best we can. Limited site downtime and outages may occur infrequently as we make these changes. The forum software is robust, but we're going to be subjecting it to an awful lot of stretching in directions we aren't sure Invision means for it to stretch. Errors may crop up here and there, and if so, we hope you'll be patient with us. If it all goes as planned, these relics of yester-year will be hosted, preserved forever for future generations to marvel and laugh at. We spared no expense scouring the seedy underbellies of auction sites, hunting for the weirdest, tackiest, most off-beat examples we could find to show we mean business when we say, "At Retromags, we scan it all!" Sincerely - Phillyman, E-Day, Areala, and the rest of the Retromags staff!
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    I didn't think they should include tapes with magazines, but offer them as a separate service one could pay for. Nintendo also sent out a VHS tape (at least in the U.S.) to many SNES owners that was a promotional video for Donkey Kong Country explaining the technology of the game and at the end it showed about 5 seconds of Killer Instinct. I'm not aware of any other time they did that or of any company doing a similar thing.
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    Honestly, I love my PS Classic after modding it with Bleemsync. It takes the packaged Euro games and bumps them back up to 60 hertz through the emulator for full speed gameplay, as well as gives you the option to switch from the internal emulator to Retroarch, and to sideload more games off of USB. Right now I just have a small 32 gig stick but now have over 60 games loaded up on mine, its a blast and fits in great with my NES and SNES classics. Oh, the Bleemsync hack also removes the USB limiter so the PS Classic can be powered from a TV USB port just like the NES and SNES instead of needing a power brick, helps a lot.
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    The time saving is minimal on most mags since most pages don't have borders, and especially with Japanese mags, two-page ads and background images on articles that stretch across facing pages are common, so there will still be plenty of pages that have to be merged and relatively few that can be ignored. However, I've been scanning supplements lately, and most of them have a consistent page design throughout the length of the book, meaning that every single page has a border connecting to the facing page. But again, from now on, I'm ignoring borders and will only seamlessly merge and split pages were an actual image (or text, of course) extends across facing pages.