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    For all of you strategy RPG fans who also speak Japanese and also own a WonderSwan: https://archive.org/details/langrissermillenniumwsthelastcenturystrategyguidespecial
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    This week on Guides For Games Least Likely To Ever Be Released Outside of Japan come Terrors and Terrors 2, text based horror-adventure games starring a bunch of Japanese pop "stars" - released for the WonderSwan and WonderSwan Color, respectively. Kudos to the second game's guide for acknowledging the only reason anyone ever actually bought these games by filling half of the book with photographs of the stars wearing bikinis and flirting with the camera. https://archive.org/details/terrorsperfectguide https://archive.org/details/terrors2officialguidebook
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    Fixed and uploaded. Grab the hairless version now
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    Howdy! I live in Mexicali, Mexico, and go to the Walmart in Calexico, California about twice a month - I've seen the magazine there (and its counterpart, Geek Magazine) at the beginning of every month, but they run out pretty quickly since they're free and at the reach of anyone. The most copies I've seen, right at the start of the month, have been 20. The only difference I've noticed between the print version and the online PDF / Reader version... is the ads. And maybe an extra ad insert, and sometimes it's inside a baggie. At my store they usually put these in the middle of the electronics section, next to the computers, but they also used to be next to the video games. Sorry for the late reply.
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    The magazines are not in a private collection, they're owned by the nonprofit I run and are in a library that will eventually be open to researchers for free. Just because I don't have the time to scan full magazines (or the willingness to destroy any binding in our library copies) doesn't mean they're lost, it just means they're not scanned.
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    I feel like anything you add to the database is valuable. At worst the info will be somewhere
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    If I've understood correctly, I can't do anything before the main database entries are added. And that it'll take a lot of work to add even a single entry. So... priorities. Pelit, Pelaaja, Pelit vuosikirja, and PC Pelaaja are the ones that probably should be added first. Since those had gaming as the main focus. I'll dig up a list of issue numbers if needed, just lemme know. Mikrobitti and C-Lehti are about 50% gaming content. Printti was only about 20% gaming. No reviews, but occasional maps and solutions. Not sure if site-relevant. Don't know enough about Joyboy (probably 100% gaming), Micropost, Enter, and Kompuutteri Kaikille: the last two are likely gaming-light. As for the hobbyist / game store 'magazines': Trioposti and Com Club were mostly focused on games, MSX Uutiset was gaming/hardware. And as I mentioned, Nintendo-lehti, Pelimestari, and PC Gamer (Suomi) are translations of English mags and therefore not high priority for archival. Not sure if those are even worth adding here.