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    This and all issues of Go! are free supplements included with Computer and Video Games magazine.
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    Ironically, the "adult" in "adult PC games" hasn't been a necessary inclusion since the time this mag was published, since it was the very late 90s/early 2000s that saw the almost complete death of PC gaming in Japan, from which point onward "PC game" became completely synonymous with "eroge." (Something I learned awkwardly after some students asked if I played video games and I replied that I mostly played PC games - cue fits of hysterics)
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    Fixed this one for you, since it didn't require much work. Btw, don't ever upload PNG files. Save them as jpgs. Your PNG was over 3MB, which is much too large for a gallery image. After cleaning it up and saving it at the same size as a jpg, the size is only 700kB.
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    Too bad this as such a short-lived publications. The behind the scenes articles were really neat.
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    I had no idea Fred Durst was a cover model for Brady publishing circa 1994...