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    GamePro Issue 208 (January 2006)
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    This Dragon Slayer: Legend of Heroes II guide is new to archive, and this Puyo Puyo guide isn't (but this one is better edited than the one already there): https://archive.org/details/dragonslayerlegendofheroesiihandbook https://archive.org/details/allaboutpuyopuyo_201909 But what I REALLY want to talk about is how after waiting 3 hours for these things to derive, not one, but BOTH of them chose the actual cover as the first page of the flip book! For the first time in...pretty much ever, I didn't have to go in and edit the contents xml file to select page one as the cover as opposed to page 17 as archive prefers. After a miracle like this, I'm afraid all the magic in the world may have been used up and an extinction-level catastrophe is likely to occur tomorrow, so you'd best grab these now if you're interested.
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    Game Player's Strategy Guide to Nintendo Games Volume 3 Number 4 (August-September 1990)
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    This was when the fighting games rules the arcade. Great times.