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    Just uploaded Gamest issue 64 (October 1991) (a special edition issue exclusively about Street Fighter II) to my "found magazines" pile at the Internet Archive. You can download it here: https://archive.org/details/GamestIssue064StreetFighterIISpecialEditionOctober1991
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    While it's true that some people upload unedited scans to archive (like Ethereal Dragonz, for example), I always edit stuff I scan and upload it here. I use Archive to upload things that I didn't scan myself (and thus are not allowed here). Just random stuff I've acquired from here and there that doesn't have a home at any preservation site that I'm aware of. So rather than have it be unavailable, I'm uploading it to archive. Whether edited or not, we can't put it here since the scanners/editors are unknown, but at least now more people will have access to it. You downloaded the PDF? Ewww....so compressed. To get right-left Japanese page order on the flipbook, add a custom field labeled "page-progression" and set the value to "rl"
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    If anyone can find a better cover for this issue of Gamest, I'd be much obliged: http://www.netlaputa.ne.jp/~dummy/gamest/magazine/gamest/v072.html If not, no big deal. It has NOTHING to do with games, so far as I can tell. It's all about how to buy cheap airline tickets. What the flying %#@!, you say? Welcome to Japan. I've ranted before about how publishers will publish random crap and include it in some ongoing magazine's numbering system just to %#$@ with me. Of course, it's also possible that the site that posted that microscopic cover made a mistake. But I doubt it.
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    In case no one looks in my personal thread, Gamest Issue 64 is up: https://archive.org/details/GamestIssue064StreetFighterIISpecialEditionOctober1991
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    Uploaded a guide to Wizardry Gaiden I: Suffering of the Queen, a Japanese exclusive RPG for the Game Boy. https://archive.org/details/@kitsunebi77
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    I've gotta say...WTF is wrong with archive.org's cover selection program? They use "sophisticated technology" to automatically select the cover page when you upload a book or magazine. Invariably, they usually pick some random page around page 3 or 4. Why do we need this software? WHEN IS THE COVER OF A BOOK OR MAGAZINE EVER NOT THE FIRST #%^ING PAGE??? Every single time I upload anything, it sets some random page as the cover and I have to go in afterwards and fix it. Really not cool. On the plus side, I was able to set the preview flip book to turn the pages from right to left on Japanese mags that need it, so that's pretty cool. Anyway, here's another strategy guide, this time for the Sega Saturn edition of Treasure's shooter, Radiant Silvergun. And here's an artbook for several TYPE-MOON games, which while perhaps not huge in America, are one of Japan's most successful mega franchises, going way beyond games to dominate in most other entertainment medias as well. Combined sales of manga, novel, and anime adaptations of its games outsell the combined manga, novel, and anime sales of One Piece, for crying out loud. That's huge. https://archive.org/details/@kitsunebi77
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    Yep, the problem is definitely that they're listed as images rather than texts. To test it, I just uploaded a dojinshi by Tskukasa Jun and it worked fine. It's mostly video game character art, if anyone cares. https://archive.org/details/TsukasaJunTsukasaBulletSER20010812 As for my other files, they're just going to have to stay the way they are. Unfortunately, there's no way to delete files or change media types. All I can do is wait for the owner of archive.org to read my forum post and fix it himself, since it seems that he's the only person who can do that sort of thing (at least according to all of the information I could find in the forums). Luckily, even though they can't be previewed, they can be downloaded and work just fine.
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    OK, I started with some boring stuff. Don't worry, I've got plenty more to come. Something is bound to strike your fancy eventually. As I said, these aren't my scans, and other than the covers, I haven't edited them at all. They're strictly being uploaded to ensure their preservation. And remember, to get the uncompressed file, you need to download the "Comic Book RAR" file, NOT the PDF (which is a VERY compressed copy automatically created by archive.org's software). https://archive.org/details/@kitsunebi77 First, some strategy guides for Japanese releases of English computer games. Populous and Sim Earth were released on the PC-98, while Art of War (originally released in the USA for the Apple II as The Ancient Art of War) was released on the PC-88. I'll be honest with you, these are pretty dull guides unless you can actually read them. The Sim Earth guide has some color pages, but the other two are entirely black and white. Unless you're Japanese and in need of a strategy guide for these games, you can probably give them a pass. And last (for today) is the Gamest guide to the original arcade release of RayStorm. This one is full color, so might hold a bit more interest to anyone who just wants to look at the pictures. Btw, I don't know if it just takes a long time for archive.org's software to create the preview or what (having never used archive.org to upload mags before), but none of these mags can currently be previewed on their site. Anyone with experience at archive know what the problem might be? They're just ordinary cbrs.