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Dengeki G's Festival!

This spin-off of Dengeki G's Magazine focuses on 1-2 titles per issue and usually includes some form of character goods packaged with the mag, resulting in widely varying price points (approximately $15-50 per issue, depending on what is bundled with the mag.)


  1. Dengeki G's Festival! Deluxe

    In many ways, this is more or less the same magazine as Dengeki G's Festival!. The main difference, and reason for the "Deluxe" moniker, is the price. Issues of Dengeki G's Festival! Deluxe were boxed with even more/pricier swag than regular issues of Dengeki G's Festival!, and so were sold at an evewn higher price point. Eventually, the "deluxe" title was canceled as issues of Dengeki G's Festival! began regularly costing in upwards of $30 per issue.
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  3. Dengeki G's Festival! Comic

    While this spin-off of Dengeki G's Festival! is primarily a manga magazine featuring serialized manga based on bishoujo games, it is included in the magazine section due to it's ties to its parent mag as well as the fact that each issue also features articles about PC and console bishoujo games. Like issues of Dengeki G's Festival!, this mag also came packaged together with various character goods which would cause the price of the mag to fluctuate, but an average cost of around $35 per issue made this one of the most expensive manga anthologies on the market.
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