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Famicom Hisshoubon

『ファミコン必勝本』(ファミコンひっしょうぼん, Famicom Hisshoubon) was a game magazine published by JICC Publishing (currently Takarajimasha). In the late 1980s, along with Famicom Tsushin (ASCII), Family Computer Magazine (Tokuma Shoten Intermedia), and Marukatsu Famicom (Kadokawa Shoten), it was one of the four magazines covering Nintendo's Famicom. It was an all-color magazine (most magazines also included B&W sections) and carried a low price of 250 yen (260 yen after the introduction of the consumption tax in 1989). The abbreviation is 必本 (Hippon), which was decided by its readers, and when renewed in 1991, "HiPPON SUPER!" ( 必本スーパー! ) became the official magazine name.


  1. Family Computer Hisshoubon

    『ファミリーコンピュータ必勝本』 (Family Computer Hishhoubon) was a series of three "mook" issues published from 1985-1986 which preceded the creation of Famicom Hisshoubon magazine. Each issue presented strategies for games, organized by title.

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